On Monday, October 29, 2012, at 14:00 in the auditorium №2 will be held a meeting of the University Academic Council (12 Melnikova, str.).

  1.  Informational message
    Speaker: corresponding member of NASA of Ukraine,
    professor Chernykh Valentin Petrovich
  2.  The election on a competitive basis and submission of the academic degree.
    Renaming of the
    Department of cosmetology and aromology,
    Speaker: first vice-rector, professor  GritsenkoIvan Semenovich
  3. The results of the licensed exam “KROK-1. Pharmacy”                                       
    head of the Scientific methodological (scientific research) laboratory on educational issues,
    assoc.prof. Ogar Svetlana Vladimirovna
  4.  The results of enrolment of the international students at the 1st course
    Speaker: vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical, professor Popov Sergey Borisovich
  5. Organization of the independent work of students at the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands)
    Speaker: head of the Pharmacoinformatics Department,
    professor Penkin Yuriy Mikhailivich
  6.  Informational message on the anniversary congress of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (Amsterdam) (in English)
    Speaker: head of the Pharmacotherapy Department,
    professor Kireev Igor Vladimirovich
  7.  Report on the work trip to the Czech Republic and the Republic of Latvia
    Speaker: assoc.prof. of Physics Department  Zhivotova Elena Nikolaevna
  8. Episode from life of the educator: Vasily Karazin and his activities in the field of healthcare
    Speaker: head of the Centre of local history of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University , Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine,
    professor Kudelko Sergey Mikhailovich
  9.  Current affairs

Members of the Academic Council, the staff of the departments and structural subdivisions are invited.