Our dear graduates!

With great joy and pleasure I congratulate you on the successful completion of training in the higher medical and pharmaceutical education institutions of the country. For a doctor – it is extremely important, but only the first stage of his development as a professional, because it is necessary to study the art of treatment all the life.

mm_BogatyrovaIt is you, our young rising generation, who will have a good fortune to work in the new health care system that is consistently developed in Ukraine.

 The healthcare sector reform that was launched more than two years ago by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has already shown the first tangible results: the network of medical clinics and perinatal centers is growing, infant and maternal mortality is reducing, emergency medical care is developing, prestige of healthcare workers and their wages are increasing.

I am sure that your youthful enthusiasm and talent will help us to create and implement a modern model of healthcare. I hope that medicine will become not only a profession but a way of life.

Keep in the heart and soul the words of Hippocrates that medicine is truly the noblest of all arts, and always remember the honor a white coat. May the ascetic way of living and life in medicine of the outstanding Ukrainian scientist-cardio surgeon, academic Nicholay Amosov, on the date of whose 100th anniversary you have completed your education in the medical universities, be an example for you.

Good luck to you, dear future colleagues, inspiration and enthusiasm in the work for the sake of healthcare of the Ukrainian people.

        Sincerely yours

Minister of Public Health of Ukraine                                 Raisa Bogatiriova