Panfilova Hanna Leonidivna

Panfilova Hanna Leonidivna ‒ doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, National University of Pharmacy

Kharkov,  4 Valentinovskaya str.,

Tel. (0572) 679170




Born on December 20, 1969 in the city of Torez, Donetsk Region, in the family of employees. In 1987 she graduated from secondary school number 11 in the city of Torez. In the same year she entered the Kharkov State Pharmaceutical Institute, which she graduated with honors in 1992. Upon graduation, she began working as a senior laboratory assistant, and then as an assistant at the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy (CEF) of the Kharkov State Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1992-1996 she studied in graduate school on the job. In 1997 under the leadership of Professor Nemchenko A.S. she defended her thesis on the topic: “Development of methodological approaches to the improvement of medical care for patients with abdominal and proctological profiles in insurance medicine” in the specialty “Medicine technology and organization of pharmaceutical business.” In the same year he was awarded the academic degree of candidate of pharmaceutical sciences. From 1997 to 2002 she acted as a methodist at the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, National University of Pharmacy. The academic title of associate professor of the Department of Economic Capital Subsidies was awarded in 2002. In 2003 she entered the doctoral program, which she graduated in 2006. According to the results of research work carried out for several years in 2010, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Theoretical substantiation and implementation of the organizational and economic principles of pharmaceutical assistance in terms of medical insurance in Ukraine” in the specialty “Technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business” (scientific consultant professor Nemchenko A.S.). The experience of scientific and pedagogical activity in higher educational institutions, including in this institution – 27 years.

Social work

Panfilova H.L. Acting as Deputy Chairman of the NUPh Approval Council on the specialty 15.00.01. – Drug Technology, Organization of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Forensic Pharmacy.

Science school

Conducts theoretical and applied research on the organization of pharmaceutical support for the population in accordance with the requirements of the National Lecturer Policy and the introduction of health insurance in accordance with the research plan of the NUAU MH Ukraine, state registration number 0114U000954

Prepared 3 candidates of pharmactutical sciences:

  • Корж Юлия Викторовна “Organizational and economic principles of the use of lipid-lowering drugs in the treatment of coronary heart disease” (2009);
  • Зарицкая Галина Марксовна “Organizational and economic approaches to the pharmaceutical supply of patients with osteoarthritis in terms of medical insurance” (2012);
  • Цурикова Оксана Володимирівна “Organizational and economic rationale for approaches to improving pharmaceutical care for patients with leukemia” (2016).

Panfilova H.L. she took part in writing the “Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia” (first and second edition, author and co-author of more than 20 articles), as well as the project “Ethical Code of Pharmaceutical Worker of Ukraine”, proposed for the draft law “On Financing Health Care and Health Insurance” dated 04.18.2007 № 2192, “On Compulsory Medical Insurance” dated March 23, 2007 № 3155, etc .. Received a certificate confirming a rather high level of foreign language proficiency at B2 level in 2017 and a certificate of passing scientific and pedagogical and internships at the International Institute of Innovations (Science-Education-Development) (Warsaw, Poland) in the course Medicine and Pharmacy from 01.09.2017 to 30.11.2017 for 150 hours. He has 405 publications, of which 314 scientific papers and 91 works of educational and methodological nature, including scientific works published in national and international peer-reviewed professional journals – 20.


  1. Панфілова Г. Л. Організація фармацевтичної допомоги населенню в умовах медичного страхування / Г. Л. Панфілова, А. С. Немченко, О. А. Немченко. – Х. : Авіста–ВЛТ, 2009. – 228 с.
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Participation in international conferences:

Panfilova H.L. she participates in international conferences, so she directly participated in 142 scientific forums, including VII International Scientific and Practical Conference «Social and Economic Aspects of Education in Modern Society» (Warsaw, Poland, 2018) ; VІ междунар. научно-практической. конф.: «Менеджмент и маркетинг как составляющая современной экономики, науки, образования, практики» (г. Харьков, 2018); ІІІ междунар. научно-практической. internet-конф .: «Технологические и биофармацевтические аспекты создания лекарственных препаратов различной направленности действия» (г.. Харьков, 2017, 2018) ; VI междунар. научной конф. молодых ученых «Перспективы развития биологии, медицины и фармации» (г. Шымкент, Республика Казахстан, 2018 г.) и т.д..

Awards and further education

Panfilova H.L. was awarded the honorary badge of the NUPh “Golden Book of Honor” (2014) and the honorary diploma of the NUPU “For outstanding achievements in research and scientific-organizational activity” (2018). According to the results of 2017-2018 acc. was awarded in the nomination (III place) “The best doctor of science”. He is grateful for the preparation of the winning students (I place) in the Republican Olympiad on “Pharmacy” (2018). Has passed a cycle of advanced training for teachers “Modern Pharmaceutical Science. Professional expertise “at the National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets from 30.11.2010, until 04.12.2010 (Certificate № 346) and “Methods of teaching in higher education” at the Institute of Advanced Training of Pharmacy Specialists of the National University of Pharmacy from 17.02.2016 to 18.03.2016 . (Certificate № 26).


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Tutorials for which the neck of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is received:

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Methodical recommendations approved by the PC “Pharmacy” and the Ministry of Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Center for Scientific Medical Information and Patent and Licensing Work of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

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The list of scientific papers in foreign publications:

  1. Косяченко К.Л. Методика клинико-экономическото анализа закупок лекарственных средств для государственных программ / К.Л. Косяченко, А.Л. Панфилова, А.С. Немченко, И.В. Кубарева, М.В. Подгайная // Клиническая фармакология и фармакоэкономика – 2010. – №4. – С.23.
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  5. Analysis of Stages of Implementation of International Concept of Essential Medicines in the System of Health of Ukraine Research / Oleh Samborskyi, Hanna Panfilova, Mykola Slobodyanyuk , Liliia Hala // J. Pharm. and Tech. – 2018. – 11(8) – S. 3466-3472. The publication is included in the scopus scientometric database.
  6. Analysis of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market retail segment development / Hanna Panfilova, Natalia Bogdan, Liliia Gala, Liusine Simonian, Oksana Tsurikova // Journal of Global Pharma Technology (JGPT) – 2018. – S.191-199. The publication is included in the scopus scientometric database.
  7. A comparative analysis of the willingness-to-pay indicators for the use of the innovative health technologies in Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Ethiopia / Panfilova H., Nemchenko O., Simonian L., Tsurikova O., Bogdan, N. // Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research – 2018. – № 10 (8). – S. 2097-2101. The publication is included in the scopus scientometric database.
  8. Pharmacoeconomic analysis of Antiplatelet Therapy in the Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus in Ukraine / Nemchenko A. S., Panfilova H. L., Nemchenko O. A., Korzh Iu. V. // Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics. – 2017. – № 11 (4). – S. 944-949. The publication is included in the scopus scientometric database.
  9. Pharmacoeconomic assessment of the application of dornase alfa in the treatment of lung generation in patients with cystic fibrosis / Nemchenko A.S., Panfilova A.L., Podgaina M.V., Zaitseva Yu.L., Balynska M.V. // Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics. – 2018. – № 12 (1). – P. 374-382. The publication is included in the scopus scientometric database.
  10. The analysis of organizational approaches in drug registration in the EU, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan / Panfilova Н., Nemchenko, O., Simonian, L., Tsurikova, O. // Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology – 2018. – № 11 (5). – S. 1894-1900. The publication is included in the scopus scientometric database
  11. Analysis of national lists of essential medicines in Ukraine and the who model list of essential medicines in the dynamics of the year / Oleh Samborskyi, Hanna Panfilova, Mykola Slobodyanyuk , Korzh Iu. // Journal of Global Pharma Technology (JGPT) – 2018. –№ 10 (12S). – S.247-255. The publication is included in the scopus scientometric database.

 Publications in domestic editions (including)

  1. Панфілова Г.Л. Аналіз нормативно-правових та фармакотерапевтичних підходів у формуванні державних закупівель лікарських засобів для хворих на гемобластози в Україні / Г.Л. Панфілова, О.В. Цурікова // Фармаком. – 2014. – № 2. – С. 107–113.
  2. Панфілова Г.Л. Результати дослідження тендерних закупівель лікарських засобів для онкогематологічних хворих в Україні / Г.Л. Панфілова, О.В. Цурікова // Запорізький медичний журнал. – 2014. – № 1 (82) – С. 98–103.
  3. Панфілова Г.Л. Результати досліджень показника «порога готовності сплатити» в системі охорони здоров’я та фармацевтичному забезпеченні населення України / Г.Л. Панфілова // Управління, економіка та забезпечення якості в фармації. – 2014.– №1.– С. 35 – 39.
  4. Результати клініко-економічного аналізу споживання лікарських препаратів хворими на гострий лімфоїдний та мієлоїдний лейкоз в Україні / Г.Л. Панфілова, О.В. Цурікова, О. В. Доровський, Ю. В. Корж // Клінічна фармація. – 2015, Т. 19, № 4. – С. 17–23.
  5. Исследование показателя «порога готовности платить» за использование инновационных медицинских технологий в лечении больных лейкозами в Украине/ А.Л. Панфилова, О.В. Цурикова, Ю. Е. Николаева / Фармация Казахстана.– 2015. – № 5. – С. 21–27.
  6. Аналіз проблем та розробка заходів щодо підвищення ефективності фармацевтичного забезпечення хворих на лейкози в Україні / Г.Л. Панфілова, О.В. Цурікова // Фармацевтичний часопис. – 2015. – № 2 (34). – С. 111–118.
  7. Оцінка проблем впровадження обов’язкового та ефективності функціонування добровільного медичного страхування в реаліях системної кризи в Україні / Г.Л. Панфілова, Д.С. Харченко, І.А. Сокуренко // Управління, економіка та забезпечення якості в фармації. – 2016. – №4. – С.52– 60.
  8. Питання поводження з фармацевтичними відходами як важливою складовою діяльності аптек за умов упровадження Належної аптечної практики / Г.Л. Панфілова, Л. О. Гала // Соціальна фармація в охороні здоров’я. – 2018. – №1. – С. 40-52.
  9. Аналіз сучасного фармацевтичного ринку Азербайджану як важливого об’єкту у зовнішньоторговельній діяльності вітчизняних фармацевтичних виробників / Г.Л. Панфілова, Богдан Н.С., М.Р. Матущак // Управління, економіка та забезпечення якості в фармації. – 2018. – №2 – С.45-49.

Professional Association Membership

Panfilova H.L. is a member of the International Association of Pharmacoeconomic Research (ISPOR) and the public organization Kharkiv Regional Association of Pharmaceutical Workers.

Disciplines taught by PhD

H. L. Panfilova teaches the following disciplines: “Organization and Economics of Pharmacy”, “State Regulation of Pharmaceutical Activities” for applicants for higher education in the specialties “Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy”. Since 2018 she has been preparing PhD-doctoral students (direction of preparation 226 “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy”), on the subject “Current state of scientific knowledge in pharmacy”.