Participation in international student contests, competitions and Olympiads

16.05.2014 олимпиада по аналитической химии 4In subject academic competition “Modern Analytical Chemistry”, held on May 16, 2014, participated 58 students of the NUPh, 7 winners received Diplomas, 17 winners received Certificates. First degree Diploma received Umarov Ulugbek CIS-4 Pharmacy.

Турдалиев фото 12nd course student of the Faculty for foreign citizens’ education Turdaliev Shohjohon (Uzbekistan) took the Ist place in the section semi-boxing (weight category up to 65 kg) and Ist place in the section full-contact(weight category up to 65 kg) in the WPKA kickboxing championship of Ukraine among students of the higher education institutions of I-IV accreditation levels that took place in Kharkov on April 12, 2014.

12-13 апреля 2014 на стадионе «Металлист» прошел Кубок по мини футболу «Metallist International Cup - 2014» фото 3On April 12-13, 2014, took place a mini football Cup «Metallist International Cup – 2014» at the stadium «Metalist». National University of Pharmacy was represented by Moroccan team that consisted of:

  • Ayguel Anass (Morocco)
  • Hilia Youssef (Morocco)
  • Kaddoussi Alaeddine (Tunis)
  • Yevgen Lobko (Ukraine)
  • Aghlaf Youssef (Morocco)
  • Bensalah Mohamed (Morocco)
  • Malgaoui Hamza (Morocco)
  • Baiha Mourad (Morocco)
  • Touti El Mahdi (Morocco)
  • Benattou Anass (Morocco)
  • Achoch Mohamed (Morocco)
  • Moussaoui Youssef (Morocco)

3.04.2014 африканский совет в ХарьковеOn April 3, 2014, awarding ceremony was held in the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (Kiev) in connection with celebration of the 51stanniversary of the African Council in Ukraine. The best African students of the Faculty for foreign citizens’ education of the NUPh were awarded the Honorary Diplomas of “African Council in Ukraine”.

02.04.2014 в НФаУ состоялись соревнования по мини футболу фото 47On April 2, 2014, mini football tournament was held in the NUPh. Professor of the Department of Toxicological Chemistry Merzlikin S.I. and the 3rd course student of the Faculty for foreign citizens’ education Aigul Anass became the best footballers.



конференция подфак 27.03.2014 фото 4On March 27, 2014, the XIIIth Interuniversity scientific and practical Conference “Way to the Science: First Steps” was held in the NUPh.

24.02.2014 олимпиада фармакология НФаУ 3On February 24, 2014, academic competition in Pharmacology (3rd course) took place in the NUPh.
Winners among the English-speaking students:
Arkam Thabit, Ghosh Elie, Rami Amer. Akabi Kristina who studies in Russian, took the 6th place among 24 Ukrainian students.

26.12.2013 Новый год подфак НФаУ 2December 26, 2013, Festive concert for students of preparatory department , dedicated to the New Year’s Day.

thumbs_12-12-2013-7December 12, 2013, simultaneous chess game in sport and fitness complex of the NUP. Against international chess master Nouh Al-Ali (Iraq), 3rd year student of the Faculty for foreign citizens’ education played Professor Bezuglyi P.O., Professor Timaniuk V.O., Professor Bondar V.S., secretariat office clerk Endeko Yevgen, students Bakurynskyi Sergii (1st course, SSE, “Pharmacy”), Bezruk Ivan (1st course, “Pharmacy”), Gavrilov Ignat (1st course, “Pharmacy”), Olga Poliakova (1st course, “Pharmacy”), student of sports school № 13 Kuzmenko Dmytro, student of chess club “Istok” Yakovlieva Kateryna. The game ended in the victory of Nouh Al-Ali.

From August 31 to September 5, 2013, 4th course student of the Faculty for foreign citizens’ education El Herishi Fatima (Morocco), postgraduate student Alona Bondarenko and Seguy Anan Marcelle participated at the annual congress of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) (Dublin, Ireland).

ХІІ Міжвузівська науково-практична конференція _Шлях до науки_ перші кроки 1On March 28, 2013, Department of Fundamental and language training together with international department conducted the XIIth Interuniversity scientific and practical Conference of foreign students of preparatory faculties and departments of Ukraine “The Road to Science: first steps”.

19.03.2013 олимпиада по фармакологии 5March 19, 2013, academic competition in pharmacology for the foreign students.

  • Dary Jasim (3rd course, gr. 11) -1st place
  • Suwaed Zaid Ali Abd (3rd course, gr. 9) – 2nd place
  • Hallal Bassem (4th course, gr. 8) – 3rd -5th places
  • Mirzokarimova Akhdiya (3rd course, gr. CIS-3) – 3rd-5thplaces
  • Mohsen Mohamad  (3rd course, gr. 6) – 3rd -5th places

11.03.2013 Футбол Ирак-Марокко 2March 11 – 18, 2013, Department of Health and Physical Training of the National University of Pharmacy conducted Futsal Tournament among 1st – 2nd course foreign students.

17 October 2012 – students of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens’ Training took part in the festivities during Competition for the best head of district administration of Kharkiv.

20.05.2012 турнир против расизма 1723 May 2012 – the NUPh international football team won the Champions Cup in interuniversity competition, Kharkov.

19-20 May 2012 – in the framework of the Preparatory Faculty mini-football tournament dedicated to “EURO-2012″ was held (organized by Department of Health and Physical Training, and Department of Fundamental and Language Training).

20 April 2012: NUPh’s football team (Faculty of foreign citizens education students) have reached the semifinals and took honorable 3rd place in interuniversity football tournament “Football Against Racism”, Kharkiv.

30 March 2012: XI University Scientific-Practical Conference “First Steps on the way to Science” of Preparatory faculties and departments for foreign students has been held on the basis of NUPh;

23 March 2012: Competition on Pharmacology for 3rd-year English speaking students of Faculty of foreign citizens education has been held;

December 2011: Bou-Naylat Saadbuh (Morocco), Harmash Kasem (Morocco), Ben Amor Anouar (Tunisia) 4th-year students have participated in The International Soccer Tournament in Kharkiv city;

October 2011: Al-Ali Naouh (Iraq) has won first place in Chess Tournament in Kurdistan, Iraq;

October 2011: Akabi Christina (Congo), Kabi-Nguoldili Jillis, Okuyere-Ngakosso Didokard, Uadarel Juvenia (Cameroon), Tefi Rakutu Tuarimanana (Madagascar) 1st-year students and Hussein Suraia, Axel Tsaraguru (Madascar) 3rd-year students were given certificates of participation in VIII Annual International festival of foreign students supported by Kharkiv municipal public organization of foreign citizens;

September 2011: Al-Ali Naouh (Iraq) 1st-year student of Faculty of foreign citizens education, chess master of sports, has participated in The International Chess Tournament in Lugansk city;