Patent and information department

The main objectives of the Department – organization and provision of modern management techniques in the field of intellectual property, in particular:

  • participation in activities to provide protection and fair use of the results of scientific and technical activities of the NUPh employees embodied in the intellectual property objects;
  • information and analytical support for creation, support, protection and commercialization of intellectual property objects.

For this purpose, Patent and Information Department assists employees and scientists of the NUPh in the following activities:

  • patent research according to the National Standard of Ukraine 3575-97 (ДСТУ 3575-97);
  • preparation and formalization of patent pattern according to the National Standard of Ukraine 3574-97 (ДСТУ 3574-97);
  • preparation and filing of the application for invention and utility model in the field of pharmacy;
  • preparation and filing of the application for industrial model;
  • preparation and filing of the application for trademark;
  • analysis of the state of patenting of medicines in Ukraine;
  • protection of copyright objects in accordance with the law.

Analysis of the results of work of Patent and Information Department over the years indicates a further increase of activity of the NUPh inventors.

As of 01.09.2014, NUPh has about 700 invention certificates (issued in USSR in 1991) and more than 800 patents of Ukraine for inventions and utility models received during independence (from 1991 to 01.09.2014). Altogether, 742 applications to obtain the patents of Ukraine were submitted to the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute” since 2000, including 54 applications in 2014. During the first half of 2014, it was received 71 patents of Ukraine, among them – 30 invention patents, 41 utility model patents. Currently, 44 copyright objects, created by the NUPh employees (textbooks, study guides, scientific-methodological recommendations, etc.), are protected by copyright certificates.

Consultations on intellectual property are given by Head of the Patent and Information Department Gudina Viktoriia Yuriivna

Tel. 706-30-71