Postgraduate training

Head of the Department:

Gubska Liudmyla Mykolaivna


Address: 61002, 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel/fax: +38 (057) 706-30-71



to continue postgraduate studies to obtain a scientific degree “Doctor of Philosophy” (Ph. D.)

Mode of studies Postgraduate out-of-the-job studies             Postgraduate in-service studies 
Scientific specialities 14.03.05 –Pharmacology15.00.01 –Technology of Drugs, Pharmaceutical Business Organization and Forensic Pharmacy15.00.02 –Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy15.00.03 – Standardization and Organization of Pharmaceutical Production
Training period 3 years 4 years
 Financing Foreign studentsAt the expense of juridical and physical bodies (by the contract)
Tuition fee (per one year), academic year 2015/2016 Foreign students
5500 USD 5000 USD
Deadline for submitting documents 20 June – 25 August
Enrollment Examinations Philosophy,Russian Language,Examination in scientific speciality
Deadline for Enrollment Examinations 1 September – 10 October
Date of enrollment 1 December

When giving the application students should submit: personal data sheet with the photo 4×6 cm; copy of higher education diploma; Master’s degree diploma (if any); the list of scientific thesis and researches published (in case there are no scientific works, the student should submit the abstract of the future dissertation); medical certificate (Form 286-y); Scientific Board recommendation of the year when the student graduated from the university, passport and original of the diploma are given personally by the student entering the postgraduate course.

There are the following topics for scientific researches at the NUPh:

  • synthesis of new biologically active substances, search for original substances of synthetic and natural origin;
  • development of compositions and technologies of new medical, cosmetics, homeopathic and veterinary medicins;
  • development and improvement of drugs analysis;
  • pharmacologic researches of new biologically active substances and medicines;
  • economic-organizing and marketing researches in pharmacy.

There are three Scientific Councils that are specialized on thesis defense in specialties:

  • 14.03.05 — Pharmacology
  • 15.00.01 — Technology of Drugs, Organization of Pharmaceutical Business and Forensic Pharmacy
  • 15.00.02 — Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
  • 15.00.03— Standardization and Organization of Production of Drugs

We will create good purposeful and productive working conditions for You.

Additional information by tel.: +38 (057) 706-30-71

Vice-Rector for scientific workZagaiko Andrii Leonidovych, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor;

Head of Post-Graduate Study Department – Gubska Liudmyla Mykolaivna