Quality management department

Аddress: 53, Pushkinska Str., floor 4, room 412

Теl.:  +38 (057) 706-22-47

E-mail: iso9001@nuph.edu.ua

Quality Management Department is a division of the National University of Pharmacy, which functions are to provide effectiveness of the quality management system at NUPh, to improve and harmonize internal processes by monitoring and clear regulation with involving the best domestic and international experience; consulting service in the field of quality management, standardization and certification.

Quality Management Department of NUPh was created by initiative of the University’s Rector, according to the order №321К issued 30 April 2015. The department is subordinated to the First Vice-rector of NUPh, professor Kotvitska A.A., who are the Authorized representative of Quality.

The basis for prosperous activity of Department was provided by members of the group of internal auditors: Assoc. Prof. Yeriomenko Rimma Fuativna, Assoc. Prof. Kovalenko Svitlana Mykolayivna, Assoc. Prof. Rusanova Svitlana Volodymyrivna, Assoc. Prof. Kaydalova Albina Volodymyrivna, Assistant Horodetska Viktoriia Ivanivna headed by Lebedinets Vyacheslav Olexandrovych, Doctoral Candidate of the Quality Management Department. It was exactly Viktoriia Ivanivna Horodetska who became the first head of the Quality Management Department.


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Head of the Quality Management DepartmentNAZARKO Olga Ivanovna, Candidate of Sociological Sciences. А Participant of the program «Education of the Quality Monitoring» USA. Agency of the for international development (USAID) in the framework of the project «Education’s Program for professional development».

Scientific interests: study of factors and mechanisms influencing the education quality improvement and ensuring equal access to quality education.

Scientific achievements: Author of over 57 scientific and methodical publications.


Staff of the Quality Management Department

Lobova Inna Oleksandrivna – senior engineer of quality, PhD in pharmaceutical sciences. Administrative work combines with teaching at the Department of Social pharmacy. Defended thesis on theme “Scientific substantiation of social and economic approaches to enhancing the availability of medicines for the treatment of patient with ischemic stroke” (2014). Author of 42 scientific papers including 2 methodical recommendations, 14 articles (5 in scientific professional editions, 4 in foreign editions), 25 abstracts. Is actively involved in scientific conferences of regional and international levels, congresses.

Ovakimyan Olga Sergeevna – sociologist, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor. Her research interests focuses on the monitoring of the quality management system, study the market of educational services and applied sociology. An author of 75 scientific and methodical publications. A participation of scientific and scientific-practical conferences, a member of Sociological Association of Ukraine. In the framework of the Departmental activities of the conducts applied research to development and implementation of measures aimed at achieving the objectives of the quality management system and objectives of the University.


Hladtsinova Olena – the second category specialist on standardization, certification and quality. In 2007 graduated Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport in “Management of foreign economic activity”.



  • Constitution of Ukraine
  • Law of Ukraine «About Higher Education»
  • Legislation, external and internal regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine and Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine
  • Statute of the University
  • Strategy of NUPh development
  • Policy and Goals of the University
  • Regulations of University management
  • Statement of the Quality Management Department
  • NUPh Scientific Council Decisions
  • Recommendations by international standards ISO
  • Internal documents, orders and decrees of the University’s Rector
  • Аnti-corruption program etc.



  • Participation in working with з reviews, reclamations, complaints, recalls from customers of education services, with notes of supervising body and non-conformances controlling
  • Marketing research conducting, design and implementation of algorithm of definition of a level of customers’ satisfaction (prospective students, students, PhD and doctoral students) with education quality, work location and living conditions.
  • Marketing research conducting among employers in quality of NUPh graduates training.
  • Development of appropriate questionnaires, interviewing in regards to forms provided in documented procedures and statistics of obtained results with definition of directions for improvement.


  • Informative, organizational and methodic assistance to the University’s subdivisions in issues of quality management.
  • Оrganization and performance of the University’s staff training in issues connected with operation of NUPh system of quality management and evaluation of education effectiveness.
  • Consulting and controlling activity for developing of correcting plans and preventive measures while non-conformances determination in frameworks of quality management system and quality risks evaluation.
  • Methodic assistance in issues of implementation of quality management system documentation.
  • Corresponding with other enterprises and organizations regarding to quality management issues.
  • Providing of training for the staff of the University divisions concerning to application of Google calendar, staff consulting in issues of usage of Google Disk cloud storage.

 DEVELOPMENT and improvement of the syStem of

quality management documentation of NUPh

  • Іntensification of updating the internal regulative documentation in accordance with requirements of the quality management system implemented.
  • Improvement of the quality management system procedures documented.
  • Participation in updating internal regulative documentation according to the statutory requirements changes.
  • Implementation of electronic system of document management.

– providing the University divisions with the differentiated electronic access to quality management system on basis of disk area Google Drive and the University site (nuph.edu.ua) and actualization controlling;

– cloud techniques applying for saving information;

– implementation of a system of electronic planning of events.

  • Involving in development, dissemination, actualization, updating and withholding the internal documentation in the field of quality management (State Statute, standards, methodique, instructions, recording forms).
  • Documentation updating and controlling conditions of its keeping in divisions according to inspection schedule of scientific activity.
  • Оrganization and control of recording forms’ management in the University’s structural divisions.
  • Copying and distribution of approved documents of quality management system to the chiefs of structural divisions of the University (Policy and Goals in the field of quality, directions in University management, document procedures, Statutes, methodic recommendations, recording forms), international and national standards of quality management.
  • Forming the list of valid НД and recording forms and its updating.
  • Observing the present state and changes of requirements for the quality management system in accordance with the international and national standards of series 9000, instructions and clarifications for these standards in terms of QMS operation.


Implementation of the rating system of scientific and academic staff activity of the University is served according to requirements stated by decree № 1000 of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine from 22.11.2013 «About rating of activity of higher education establishments of ІV accreditation level and postgraduate training of the MPHU», is one of the constituents of standard ISO9001:2001 implementing and is a constant element of monitoring system introduction as  a component of assurance and management of higher education quality, stimulation of improvement of qualification, professionalism, productivity of educational and scientific work, growth of creative initiative of scientific and academic staff, awakening of healthy competition inside collective, quality improvement of education process.

The main goal of rating is definition of the best assistants, associate professors and professors at each department, and then – the best ones at NUPh. Enquiry is conducted by the Quality Management Department in form of questionnaire. With various forms of rating estimation an objectivity and completeness is provided of information given, its reliability, transparency is achieved due to competence and impartiality of the work group members being interviewed. The system of quality estimation of scientific and academic staff activity contributes complex objective analysis of their work, improvement of the system of material incentives.

The rating of scientific and academic staff of the University is carried out for effectiveness improvement and professional activity effectiveness of scientific and academic staff; growth of interest, including collective interest from the side of scientific and academic staff towards improvement of their professional qualification in regards to assimilating an innovate pedagogic experience, purposeful, uninterruptible improvement of professional competence level, in creative approach to the teaching process; making heads of department to assist staff level improvement, to stimulate activity, that leads to rating raise of departments and University in total, and distinguish activity chains requiring advancing, orientation of scientific and academic staff on assimilating modern information technologies; creation informative bas for analysis and estimation of a state and dynamics of development of Departments and Faculties of the University.

The clear and systematic rating estimation of academic and scientific staff of the University will let to improve the University’s management system, level and quality of education.

Within a framework of academic and scientific staff rating, the specialists of Quality Management Department are authorized by the following tasks:

  • Development and improvement of rating procedure of activity estimation of scientific and academic staff and University’s departments;
  • Involving in a project realization of rating evaluation of NUPh scientific and academic staff, statistical analysis of results and reporting to the University’s Authorities.


  • Organization and assurance of internal audits conducting in structural divisions of NUPh
  • Realization of algorithm of registration of non-conformances revealed and development of appropriate corrective and preventive actions.



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