Quality management system of the University

Mission of the National University of Pharmacy (NUPh) :

Comprehensive training of competent professionals for the pharmaceutical sphere of healthcare in accordance with applicable national law, as well as constantly researched requirements of employers, regulatory authorities, society and all other concerned parties. We are trying to reach the level of quality of the educational services, unreachable for any of our competitors. To implement this mission, staff of the University is constantly and persistently working on:

  • improvement of the educational and methodological facilities;
  • capacity building of the academic teaching staff;
  • expansion and strengthening of the international relations;
  • improvement of the methods and the means of educational process, educational and vocational guidance;
  • strengthening and development of the material facilities;
  • increasing the level of research and formation of the scientific schools recognized in Ukraine and world.

The strategic goal of the NUPh is to establish a better status of the higher education institution of pharmaceutical direction in Ukraine and CIS countries, and provide a decent position in the European and world rankings of the Universities.

Achieving these goals is planned to be carried out largely by effective quality management system (QMS), currently applied in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, and its constant improvement. In its turn, the effectiveness of QMS is achieved through practical implementation of modern quality management principles underlying the ISO 9000 and the TQM concept. In particular, administration of the NUPh realizes a process approach to manage all activities that affect the compliance of educational services with the established requirements. Senior executives demonstrate the commitment to the idea of continuous improvement and take the lead in ensuring high-quality of services and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements in every possible way. All staff of the NUPh is involved to ensure effectiveness of the QMS, motivated for fruitful work and continuous development by improving the professional competence and introduction of innovations in their work. Our employees are comprehensively trained and have all the necessary resources for this. Each structural subdivision has clear, quantitative objectives based on the provisions of this policy. Each process of the QMS is systematically evaluated according to established performance criteria. Professionally trained managers of the QMS processes are exploring the causes of discrepancies in the work and take immediate corrective and preventive actions to eliminate these causes. Internal audits and analysis on the part of senior executives are regularly conducted in order to monitor of the QMS operation.

At all levels organizational structure, employees of the National University of Pharmacy aim to ensure proper quality of training of our students and continually improve the indicators characterizing us as a leading higher education institution of Ukraine.

Business goals and goals in the field of quality are synonymous at the National University of Pharmacy.

Robocha-grupa-Systemy-upravlinnya-yakistyu-NFaU-12.11.201421.01.2015Work on the project of implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) of the NUPh is widening. A regular meeting of the working Commission with participation of the First Vice-Rector of the NUPh Prof. A.A. Kotvitska was held on January 21, 2015. Numerous issues were on the agenda: changing the structure of the processes developed by QMS and organizational structure of the University, condition of the development of documented procedures governing the individual processes of the QMS, and distribution of the future tasks between the members of Commission, definition of criteria and indicators for processes, approaches to drawing up a strategic plan of the pharmacy, plans for the training of staff of the University on quality management in preparation for future certification of the QMS. Issue of the development of teaching staff rating system of the NUPh, as one of the elements of monitoring process of the QMS, was discussed separately. Further actions, including the development of some system documents, plans and programs of training of the NUPh employees, preparations for the cycle of internal audits, and more, were identified.

28.04.2015-audit-ISO-2-300x211The meeting was lively and energetic as always, as all the involved specialists are true devotees and really want to make our University even better. However, there is still a lot of work, which, one way or another, affect all the employees of our University: introduction of the QMS stipulates significant changes in the approach to management and organization of all staff members. However, difficulties of the present day will only increase the value of the result – all our colleagues must be sure in it!

First stage of the certification audit of the Quality Management System of the University was successfully passed On April 28, 2015.

The audit was conducted by the Head of the Certification body of Management System LLC ICQ “Prirost” Aleksandr Yurievich Beregovenko and chief auditor of this body Viktor Andreevich Voloskovets.


Documented procedures governing the processes of our system, management manual of the University and other documentation which is required by ISO 9001 standard were analyzed during the audit. The auditors also met with the Rector, First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rector for scientific work, Vice-Rector for administrative work, Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty and Heads of the Department for Studies, Planning and Finance Department, Human Resources Department.

Auditors gave some recommendations on the preparation to the second stage of the audit, which was planned for late May, but generally were satisfied with the state of implementation of the System, on creation of which large team of our employees fruitfully worked over the past year. We hope and believe that the implemented system will make our university even better!

The final stage of certification audit of the Quality Management System (QMS) of the National University of Pharmacy in the international system of certification DQS, the purpose of which was to establish compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, was successfully passed on May 19-21, 2015.

19-20.05.2015-isoThe group of auditors was led by the head of the Certification body of Management System LLC ICQ “Prirost” Aleksandr Yurievich Beregovenko (DQS-Ukraine), the group also included auditor of this body Viktor Voloskovets and auditor-expert Liana Fedorovna Shapran.

All documentation of the QMS, activity of administrative and support structural subdivisions, as well as selectively some Departments of the NUPh, was analyzed during the audit.

More than 30 processes that ensure the functioning of the QMS of the University were audited.

The auditors have documented compliance of the NUPh activities with the requirements of ISO 9001, including the ability to plan their activities in accordance with regulatory requirements and expectations, execute and control management, core and supporting processes with the help of established and regulated methods, and apply mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and improvement of the QMS.

The auditors underlined the willingness and the ability of the entire staff of the University to make every effort to ensure high quality education services and continuous development. Separately, the auditors noted the role of the University administration in formulation and implementation of the QMS, which was the result of creativity and hard work of the Rector, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Valentin Petrovich Chernykh and First Vice-Rector – representative of the administration on the quality issues Prof. Alla Anatolievna Kotvitskaia.

Dear colleagues!

We sincerely congratulate you on our common achievement – recognition of the National University of Pharmacy one of those institutions, for which the quality of education is a cornerstone principle of its activity. We wish all the NUPh staff creative inspiration and further professional achievements!

Sincerely yours, developers of the NUPh Quality Management System!