Receiving “Invitation for study”

To become a NUPh student, you need to obtain an “Invitation for study” of the standard form approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Please download the Questionnaire and send it to the Centre for international vocational guidance and external relations (or fax: +38-057-706-20-79) together with scanned documents.

Documents required to enter the University


  • National passport document and its copy*;
  • Certificate of complete secondary education (original and its copy)*;
  • Birth certificate (original and its copy)*;
  • Medical certificate issued not earlier than 2 month before arrival in Ukraine;
  • HIV test results;
  • 12 photos 3×4 cm;
  • Open return ticket valid for one year (for students of the Pre-University Department ).

Insurance policy can be obtained in the University.

After receiving the packet of the above mentioned document you will get the detailed instructions. Please follow these instructions and an official “Invitation for study” at the NUPh will be sent to your correspondence address by courier express mail at your expense.

In order to obtain the student visa (type D) to enter Ukraine you have to submit the «Invitation for Study» and the required documents (see above) to the embassy of Ukraine  in your country of citizenship. We are ready to meet you if you previously inform the date of your arrival using the following contacts.

Entrance to Ukraine is possible starting July 1 to November 1 of the current year (for English form of training, Russian/Ukrainian form of training for those who already know Russian/Ukrainian).

Deadline for admission to the Pre-University Department (to study Russian/Ukrainian, which enables to continue education in any Ukrainian higher education institution according to the direction of training) is March 1.

Insurance policy for medical care is obtained at the University.

Specialties and tuition fees for foreign citizens

Tuition fee includes interest of company-representative of the University. All students conclude the three-sided study contract between student, University and company-representative. The list of companies-representatives is available below.

To get more information on admission and study of the foreign citizens you can call or write us:

Tel./fax: +38-057-706-20-79


Center for international vocational guidance and external relations

 Tel./fax: +38-057-706-20-79


Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work (international relations)

Sergiy B. Popov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Tel./fax: +38-057-706-20-79


Dean of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens’ Education 

Volodymyr D. Goriachyi, Candidate (PhD) of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel./Fax : +380-057-706-30-96


 Pre-university education

Zoia I. Kovalenko, Candidate (PhD) of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Foundational and Language Training

Tel/fax: +380-057-706-22-53



Name of the enterprise Contact person Contacts
 “CASABLANСA CENTRE” LLC El Harti Driss Tel..: +380632057674Email:
 STUDY UA PLUS LLC El-Azzawi Ehab Tel.: +380939449448
PE “ZAYNOUN” Issam Chahine Tel.:+380675794028
 “DIRASSA” LLC Dhifaoui Abderrazak Tel..:+380936115464
“BUSINESS CENTRE “INZHEK” LLC Zosimov Igor A. Tel.: +380504017347
PE «SIL EL IMAD» Bocharova

Lyudmila N.

Tel : +380675703645
Scientific and experimental centre “ALFAMED” LLC Fartushna Svitlana A. Tel.: +380676007000
«MAGHRIB» LLC Ourdane Youssef Tel.: +380933317157  Email:
“ AFRICAN EDUCATIONAL NETWORK” LLC AnyanwuCharles Chima Tel.: +380936549092
PE “PERSONNEL INTER AGENCY” Kurylo Yuryi Tel : +380938554270
«SOURCE OF EDUCATION» LLC Ayman Hassan Mahmoud Suleiman Tel.: +380504000572
individual entrepreneur NAOUFAL BOUGHALEM Naoufal Boughalem Tel.: +380932805806
PE «PERSPECTIVES XXI CENTURY» Ngobeya Fosten Tel.: +380931838050
«ZAZIFAUN» LTD Rahma RamiAbdalhamid Mohamed Tel.: +380939555222
«PHILADELPHIA-AMRO» LLC Amro AmroIsmail Hasan Tel.: +380507760003
PE Firm «DEN» Danilov Anton Tel.: +380679206506 Email:
«INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTRE «HOSANNA»  LLC Moisa Oseni  Tel.: +380936284070  Tel.: +380509846420
«UKRAINIAN INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY ENTRANTS» LLC Bhuiyan Tasfin Al Zaman    Tel.: +38063 3138541, +380952531867