Recently held academic exchanges, trainings and internships

From October 17, 2017August 17, 2018 Associate Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry Redkin R.H. completed postdoctoral internship to perform the research project “Synthesis of solvatochromic dyes to study of protein-membrane interaction” in the framework of the grant of the International Visegrad Fund (International Visegrad Fund Scholar application # 51700474), Prague, the Czech Republic.

The project was successfully implemented within the framework of the Visegrad Fund grant (on the basis of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB) of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Chemical Biology).

The project consisted of three sub-projects:

  • (1A) Synthesis of fluorescent caged photoswitchable fatty acids;
  • (1B) Synthesis of fluorescent caged photoswitchable diacylglycerols;
  • (2) Synthesis of the clickable derivatives of fatty acids in order to study the metabolism of fatty acids in the membranes of breast cancer cells (biological part of the project is implemented in together with Dr. Christina Gava, Institute of Molecular Oncology, Milano).

The following steps were taken in the first part of the experimental work on the project:

– the detailed search and review of the literature relevant to the project;

– the planning of the synthesis of the target products;

– the six-step synthesis of the key fluorescent synthon of the 7-diethylamino-4-hydroxymethylcoumarin; as a result of the five-step synthesis scheme proposed for the project, six new compounds and pure substances were obtained whose structure and identity was confirmed by TLC, NMR and LC/MS techniques.

– the first studies of the photolysis of the resulting compounds under the control of NMR1H and the TLC were made;

– the method of the flash chromatography and preparative HPLC were mastered;

During the second half of the internship, the following activities were carried out:

– synthesis by the ‘micro-method’ of the fatty acid derivative and hydrophilic dye ATTO532 from the rhodamine group;

– synthesis of the clickable derivatives of fatty acids bearing 3H-diazirin, developed method of their synthesis, isolation and purification;

– the interaction of the previously synthesized by Redkin R.H. spiro-derivative with the fluorescent coumarinic nucleus R-203 with a range of liposomes – dipalmitoyl- phosphatidylcholine -cholesterol (1:1, DPPC/Chol) and          sphingomyelin-cholesterol (1:1, SM-Chol) by fluorescence measuring method in their solutions using the Fluoromax-4 spectrophotometer (HoribaScientific).

During the two semesters of the internship in the Czech Republic, 18 presentations were made at the internal laboratory seminars and 3 reports were made on the basis of the results of experimental studies;

– on May 25, 2018, the results of research at the interlaboratory seminar ‘Chemical Biology’ were presented at the IOCB (moderator: Dr. Anna Tsakhova)

During the internship, Redkin R.H. together with other postdoctoral students took part in the scientific discussion with Prof. John Sutherland, invited by the IOCB, the Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Cambridge University, Great Britain; the 2-day training on ‘design of imagelike molecules’ was held at the IOCB with support of the company “Astra Zeneca” (lecturer: David Andrews, iStrategy Oncology, IMED Biotech Unit Cambridge) took part in 2 seminars “Prague membrane discussion”.

The research results were also presented at the All-Ukrainian field-oriented conferences: II All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference “Actual problems of chemistry: research and prospects”, (16.05.2018, Zhytomyr); All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “Synthesis and analysis of biologically active substances and medicinal substances”, dedicated to the 80th  anniversary of Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Haidukevych A.N. (April 12-13, 2018, NUPh, Kharkov).

During the reporting period, 2 theses of papers and 2 articles were published. Internship certificates were received.

20.07.2018-03.08.2018 – internship of a group of Ukrainian scientists and students took place on the basis of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of Varna Medical University (Bulgaria).

There were made  visits to the Department of Pharmaceutical Technologies, where pharmacognosy is taught (the head of the department is Associate Professor Kaloyan Georgiev); and  to  laboratories of the departments of the pharmaceutical faculty (associate professor Ilya Zhelev, assistant Galina Dimova).
During the roundtable both sides discussed methods of pharmacognosy teaching in MU-Varna and NUPh .  The Scientists of NUPh presented the results of their research on the study of chemical composition of medicinal plants.  Associate professor  I. Jeliev and assistant  G. Dimova demonstrated various methods of analysis and allocation of biologically active substances from medicinal herbal raw materials in the phytochemical laboratory of MU-Varna.
During the meeting with the Vice-rector for international cooperation, accreditation and quality –  professor MU-Varna  Todorka Kostadinova and the head of International Cooperation Department – Aneta Dokova  there were discussed the results of cooperation between the  universities and their development within the Erasmus + program and inter-university agreements.
In order to study endemic, invasive kinds of  herbal medical products (HMP) and harvesting of HMP, a group of scientists and students visited various phytocenosisin the Bulgarian nature reservations: Yaylata, Cape Kaliakra, Longoz, Kamchiya, where samples of raw material were harvested  within the topics  of investigation of assistants  and associate professor of NUPh.
The group visited the university’s pharmacy, the botanical garden of Balchik and the Ecopark of Varna, where they found out more about the collection of medicinal plants.
After completing the internship, all participants received the relevant international training certificates.
As a result of the educational trip with  the purpose of probation, the cooperation agreement between the NUPh  and Varna Medical University was renewed;  the results of cooperation and further plans were discussed;  as well as the features of teaching of pharmacognosy;  the results of scientific work of Ukrainian and Bulgarian scientists  were presented.  In the laboratory of the technology department  methods of separation of alkaloids were worked out and the study of the chemical composition of raw materials which were  harvested in Ukraine and Bulgaria was conducted;  The group of NUPh was shown  various phytocenosis where  medicinal plants grow: Yaylata, Cape Kaliakra, Longoz, Kamchiya, where samples of raw materials were harvested according to research topics of assistants and associate professor of NUPh.

June 11-29, 2018 – scientific and pedagogical internship of the academic staff of the Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy of the IPhPQI of the NUPh Adonkina Victoriia Yuriievna, Artiukh Tetiana Oleksandrivna, Zarichkova Mariia Volodymyrivna, Muzyka Tamara Fedorivna) under the program ‘Organization of the educational process, training programs, innovative technologies and scientific work on the basis of the Higher School of Business of the National-Louis University,’ Opole (Poland). Details

In June 25-30, 2018 delegation of the Management and Economics of Pharmacy Department of the Institute for Advanced Training of Pharmacy Specialists, including: associate professors of the department Zarichkova M.V. and Muzyka T.F. senior lecturers of the department Artyuk T.O. and Adonkina V.Yu. will undergo internship according to the program “Educational process organisation, curricula, innovative technologies and scientific activity” on basis of the Wyższa Szkola Biznesu – National-Louis University, Novyi Sonch, Poland (108 h).

On March 31 – April 8, 2018, delegation of the National University of Pharmacy, consisting of the Head of the Pharmacognosy Department, Professor Koshovyi O.M., the Head of the Pharmacotherapy Department, Professor Kireiev I.V. and 14 students: Hritsai Nadiia F., Holubchenko Tetiana V., Kobylko Maryna O., Melnyk Nataliia V., Podolian Yuliia O., Hrosova Anna O., Krytova Nelli A., Kriuchkova Maryna O., Mykha Mukhailo M., Starinova Mariia V., Tomash Anna O., Mukhailyk Diana O., Samadov Bakhodyrzhon and Tokhirov Akmal, visited the University of Tartu (Estonia), which occupies the 314th place in the ranking of the best universities in the world according to the consulting firm Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) (2016).

During the visit, Prof. Koshovyi O.M. O.M. and Prof. Kireiev I.V. underwent a scientific and pedagogical internship at the University of Tartu. Students underwent an internship in pharmacognosy. In general, students were trained in the amount of 1 credit (30 hours), of which 7 hours were lectures. Faculty members and students received the appropriate certificates.

During the visit, the NUPh delegation visited the University Clinic of the University of Tartu, the Institute of Pharmacy of the University of Tartu. There was held an excursion at the Institute of Pharmacy, the main building of the University of Tartu and the historical center of Tartu. Prof. Kireiev I.V. and Prof. Koshovyi O.M. met with the Head of the International Protocol Department of the University of Tartu, Suriie Uprus, with who they discussed further stages of cooperation and obtained consent for signing of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the Universities.

In Tallinn, the NUPh delegation visited the Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant of “Grindex” company, the oldest pharmacy in Tallinn and a modern pharmacy, where they got acquainted with modern electronic dispersion methods of prescription drugs and distance forms of professional communication between a pharmacist and a patient in Estonia. The delegation also visited the modern “Biomed” plant in Helsinki (Finland), the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the University of Helsinki, which is the oldest university in Finland. Acquaintance with historical monuments of Helsinki and the cultural heritage of Finland were included in the visit.

Thus, organization of the educational process at the pharmaceutical departments of the University of Tartu and the University of Helsinki was studied in order to introduce the European experience at the NUPh; faculty members got acquainted with problems of the educational process in the pharmaceutical university in the context of new educational and information technologies, and integration into the scientific space. Educative work on cultural and European values and standards of life was carried out among students.

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