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Valentin Petrovich Chernykh (was born January 5, 1940) is an outstanding scientist in the organic synthesis field, educator, organizer of Education and Science, a state and public figure, Rector of the National University of Pharmacy, (NUPh), Academician of NAS of Ukraine,  Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry,  professor,  Honored inventor of Ukraine, Honored Member of Science and Technology of Ukraine,  State Prize-Winner in Science and Technology of Ukraine,  Honored citizen of Kharkiv.


Education: graduated from the Kharkiv Medical College with honors (1959), the Kharkiv Institute of Pharmacy (1964), postgraduate (1967) and doctorate courses (1976) of the Kharkiv Institute of Pharmacy.

Work Activity: a night duty pharmacist at the Kharkiv chemist’s shops (1960–1964); served in the Soviet Army (1964–1965); an assistant (1967–1971), an assistant-professor (1971–1979), senior scientific employee (1974–1976), professor (1979–1985), the head of organic chemistry department (1985–2015)  and the dean (1971–1976), Vice-rector of academic work (1976–1980); a correspondent-member (1997), academician of NAS of Ukraine (2015); Rector of the National University of Pharmacy (from 1980).


  1. Design, synthesis and modification of new heterocyclic systems with kernels, links and piran, benzo- and tienopyramidin, spiro-2- oxyndol, benzothiazinon dioxide ensembles cycles; purposeful synthesis of BAS – derivatives of dicarboxylic acids and creation of heterocyclic compounds with hidden pharmacophore on their basis; using the most modern methodological, scientific and instrumental approach to the creation of new highly effective medicinal substances; the combination of synthesis of new heterocyclic compounds using combinatorial chemistry, microwave reagents activation, Mechanochemistry, dorectory multicomponent transformations, computer simulation and prediction of biological activity, the formation of focused libraries of compounds with specified properties, chemical modification of natural compounds to search for highly effective drugs; the use of modern physical and chemical methods for studying electronic and spatial structure of the synthesized compounds, studying  their reactivity and mechanisms of organic reactions, the creation of preparative methods of obtaining BAS and development of analytical normative documentation and technological procedures of production of active pharmaceutical ingredients; the development of new methods for highly efficient schemes for parallel and combinatorial synthesis that are affordable, eco-friendly, material – and energy-saving for industrial implementation; creation of a powerful, modern cycle of searching medicines using a range of methods of chemo-, bioinformatics and high-performance screening.
  2. The pharmaceutical field analysis, the problems in forming the modern human resources policy and scientific potential, development of the modern education technologies, optimization of specialists’ professional training in all areas of the pharmaceutical activity.

Scientific achievements: He has created a new direction of purposeful synthesis of BAS in a number of dicarboxylic acids derivatives and heterocyclic compounds and 16 remedies of different pharmacological actions (Hlisulfazyd, Diacamph, Suktsyfenat, Analben, Prolidoxyd, Peroniks, Kardatset, Sophorin, Valkofen, Paravit, Piflamin, Oxaglukamine, Venotropin, Elgacin et al.).

Scientific school. He has created a national school of chemist-synthetics, prepared 60 candidates and doctors of sciences. He supervises 4 doctor’s and 1 PhD theses.

Scientific works. He is the author and co-author of over 1270 scientific works, including 27 monographs, 126 patents, 341 certificates, about 700 scientific articles, 10 textbooks and 76 training manuals.

The textbook “Organic Chemistry” was awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine (2000), the Award of Yaroslav The Wise of the Academy Sciences of Ukraine (1997), Diploma “The best textbook” (2002). The second edition of “Organic Chemistry” (2007, 2008) and the textbook “Clinical Pharmacy” (2013) received the stamp of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine “The National Textbook” (2014).


  • The concept of pharmaceutical education (1991) and industry progress was developed (1999) in Ukraine;
  • 20 pharmaceutical faculties in the higher school system have been opened in Ukraine;
  • 15 new specialties for the directions have been issued a license i.e. The Technology of pharmaceutical medicines (1992); Technology of perfumery and cosmetics remedies; Clinical pharmacy; Economics; Marketing (1997); Management of Organizations (1999); Industrial biotechnology; Quality, standardization and certification (2000); Laboratory diagnostics (2001); Pedagogy of a higher school (2003); Ecobiotechnology; BAS Biotechnology (2005); Administrative Management (2006); Logistics; Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (2011).

On the basis of NUPh the events of the national importance have been conducted:

The National Congress of the Pharmacists of Ukraine V (1999), VI (2005), VII (2010) VIII (2016),

The National Congress “Clinical Pharmacy: 20 years in Ukraine” (2013) VII National Congress of the pathophysiologists of Ukraine (2016).

  • A professional holiday “Day of pharmaceutical worker” was established (1999).
  • A new state award the honorary title “Honored Pharmaceutical Worker of Ukraine” (2005) was founded.
  • The Code of Ethics of pharmacist in Ukraine (2010) was accepted.
  • The sculptural complex “Pharmacy in centuries” (2004) and “Personalities of Pharmacy” (2010) were created with the participation of the pharmaceutical community in Ukraine;
  • The handbook “Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia” (2005, 2010, 2016) was published (it appeared to be the first one in the world).
  • The publication of scientific-practical journals was established: “Visnyk Farmacii” (1993), “Clinical Pharmacy” (1999), “Journal of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (2003), “Cosmetology and aromology” (2006), “Ukrainian biopharmaceutical Journal ” ( 2008), “Management, economy and quality providing in pharmacy” (2008), “Social Pharmacy in Healthcare” (2015), Scientific  journal «ScienceRise»/Pharmaceutical Science (2016).
    • P. Chernykh is one of the founders of The Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine (1998).


Innovations. Pharmaceutical Institute in Kharkiv was the first one among 900 higher educational establishments to be accredited in the USSR (1991). The university got the status of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy (1992), National Pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine (1999), National Pharmaceutical University (2002).

The University was transferred on a 5-daily working week (1986); the second foreign language was included in the curriculum (1986); the mechanism for self-supporting entity was introduced (1990); the further development of pedagogical work was based on new democratic principles (1990); the University got the certificate of conformity of the Quality Management System in  NUPh according to the requirements of the international standard  ISO 9001: 2008 (2015).

The academic ranking of NUPh. According to the ranking of UNESCO “The Top-200 best universities of Ukraine”, NUPh was ranked the 22nd place in 2016, and it has one of the highest quality indexes of scientific-pedagogical potential ( i.e. there is 90-94% among the teachers with the scientific degrees).

Within the last decades NUPh has been the leader of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine and provided the complex training of specialists for pharmaceutical industry; the National University of Pharmacy has already provided the higher education to over 60 thousand specialists and among them to over 6 thousand Master’s degrees in Pharmacy for 82 countries.

The University staff received awards and diplomas of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2005, 2016).

The structure of  NUPh: There are 49 departments, 8 faculties, training faculty in 1984, the Institute of qualification improvement of specialists in Pharmacy (IQIS) has been working since 1993; the College of Pharmacy (1992); Scientific-methodological laboratory on pharmaceutical education (1999);  the Central Research Laboratory – CRL (1989); the National Research Laboratory for medicines quality control  (1992); the Scientific  Laboratory of organic synthesis (1992); the Problem Laboratory of morphological and functional studies (2002); the  Laboratory for microbiological and immunological researches (2007), the Scientific-educational Technological Laboratory (2008); the Laboratory of  clinical diagnosis (2008); The Research Laboratory of parenteral and oral liquid medicines (2011); the centers i.e. the publishing center (1993); the clinical diagnosis center (2000), the cosmetology  and aromology center (1997), the students primary health care center (2004), the distance learning technologies  center(2007), scientific library, botanical garden, fitness center.

105 thousand square meters of educational-scientific-production areas were built and renovated: 6 academic buildings, 6 hostels, sports complex, canteens (5 canteens for 700 seats in educational buildings and hostel № 3).

Educational materials. For the first time in the system of pharmaceutical education the educational-methodical complexes have been created and constantly updated (the textbook – basic lecture notes – tutorial – methodical recommendations) in all disciplines (over 2,000 items). The learning process is provided at 100% of the necessary educational-methodical materials in the state and foreign languages, used by all pharmaceutical faculties of Ukraine and some CIS countries.

Science.  The training of scientific and pedagogical staff has been providing for higher educational establishments and practical pharmacy in Ukraine and other countries. The University has 3 specialized Boards of Studies with the right to consider and carry out the thesis defense for the doctor degree of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences for the specialties i.e. 15.00.02 – “Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy”; 15.00.03 – “Standardization and production of medicines “; 15.00.01 – “Technology of medicines, organization of pharmaceutical business and judicial pharmacy”; 14.03.05 – “Pharmacology”.

The whole complex of research works is conducted i.e. from a substance to medicinal preparations in various medical forms, from searching experiments and development of scientific and technical records to applying of medications in industry and medical practice. NUPh is a proprietor of 937 patents of inventions and useful models, 83 testifyings to registration of copyright for official works, 6 certificates of Ukraine for the signs of commodities and services.

Medicinal preparations. 261 new medicinal preparations have been developed for a production. There are 154 medical preparations (by the state on 2017) on the different stages of development and applying in industrial construction.

NUPh research workers have taken part in the development of the Draft Concept of State Target Programme «The development of import – substituting productions in Ukraine and substituting the imported medications for domestic ones, i.e. by biotechnological preparations and vaccines within 2012–2022». Scientific developments of university scientists have achieved 37 state and 325 branch awards and honors.

International cooperation: Within the framework of scientifically educational collaboration NUPh cooperates fruitfully with the higher educational institutions and SRI of Ukraine, maintains business relationships with 82 universities and research institutions in 44 the world.

The university is the full-fledged member of 5 international associations:

  • European association of faculties of pharmacy — EAFP (2010),
  • International Pharmaceutical Federation — FIP (2010),
  • Magna Chartia Uneversitatum — MCU (2013),
  • Eurasian University Association — EAU (2014),
  • International Association of University — IAU (2015).

Teaching staff has its individual membership in 49 professional international associations and this fact gives possibility for a collaboration in compatible projects, search of grant projects,  academic exchanges, internship.

Reference books. The NUPh annual editions have been established: an informational-analitical reference book «The achievements and plans of NUPh» (1999), reference book «The organization of educational process» (1999), «The statistical reference book of the university process» (1991); «The doctoral and candidate theses  within 1995-2015».

Special university projects:

  • Golden Book of honour, that keeps the names and achievements of outstanding teachers and scientists of NUPh ( 2005).
  • Honoured diploma of NUPh: «Honoured doctor», «The Professor Emeritus», «The Honored Worker», «The Honored Educational Worker» (2005).
  • NUPh original post stamp has been created in honour of the 210 anniversary of the foundation of pharmaceutical education (2015).


Participation in work of state, scientific, public establishments, public associations: 

  • The Union of Rectors of higher educational establishments of Ukraine; The Council of Rectors of higher educational establishments of ІІІ ІV l.а. of Kharkov region; The Scientific medical council of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine; The Department of Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; The Section of chemistry and chemical technology of Committee on state bonuses in the field of science and technics; The Expert problematic commission «Clinical pharmacology and clinical pharmacy» of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine ; The Board of Public Health Department of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration; SE «State Expert’s Center» of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine ; SE «Center of pharmacopeia»;
  • The Head of specialized scientific council D 64.605.01;
  • The President of Public organization «Kharkov regional association of pharmaceutical workers»;
  • The Official observer of the American Pharmacopeia, individual membership of International association of Pharmacy (2002);
  • The Member of editorial boards and editorial councils, consultant of 17 professional scientific magazines.

V.P.Chernuch’s activity has been marked by state awards:

  • Orders «Sign of honour» (1971), «Labour Red Banner» (1986); complete escort of order of Ukraine «For merits» I (2004), II (2000), III (1996) degrees ; orders of Jaroslav The Wise  V (2007), ІV (2010) degrees ;
  • Academic lapel pins : «High achiever of Healthcare» (1985), «High achiever of education of Ukraine» (1992), «Inventor of the USSR» (1985), «Petro Mogila» (2005), «Slobojanska Slava» (2004);
  • Diplomas by: Verhovna Radaof Ukraine (2005), Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (2000), Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (1996, 1999, 2000, 2002), Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine (1999, 2001), Kharkov regional state administration (2004).
  • Laureate of State bonus of Ukraine in the fields of science and technics (2000),
  • Laureate of National Medical Prize (2010);
  • Rank «Honoured citizen of Kharkov» (2011);
  • The Award of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine «For the scientific achievements» (2013).

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