Rector’s page

«If you choose your profession successfully and devote to it all your soil, the happiness will find you», these words said by K. Ushinskiy are a true con­firmation to the most important life postulate: the proper choice of profes­sion promotes further successful implementation of person’s dreams.

In 1957 Valentin Petrovich Chernykh chose the profession of a pharma­cist and was allegiant to his profession during all his life, he became a true ad­mirer, an enthusiast and a patriot of immensely versatile sphere — pharmacy.

The development and foundation of the higher pharmaceutical educa­tion, science and pharmaceutical branches in Ukraine became the basis of V.P. Chernych’s professional and creative activity. He is the diligent pharmacy founder, outstanding modern scientist, brilliant teacher, eminent public fig­ure, Rector of the National University of Pharmacy, academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State prize-winner of Ukraine, Honored Member of Science and Technique of Ukraine, Honored Inventor of Ukraine, Doctor of pharmacy, Doctor of chemistry, professor.

You have hardly met a person who has worked at the same establish­ment for all his life. Having become in 1957 a student of Kharkov Phar­maceutical Institute in 1959, V.P. Chernych devoted his life to this higher educational establishment for good and all. Years after years he created and improved his beloved Alma mater with imminent insistence, which was the cradle of learning for the scientist with the world famous name in the field of organic chemistry.

V.P. Chernych has been at the head of the main higher pharmaceutical establishment for more than 30 years.

Along with Professors N.A. Valyashko, D.P. Salo he belongs to the Ple­iad of the outstanding organizers and reformers of the higher pharmaceutical education from the times of the Soviet Union.

Half a century ago Valentin Petrovich Chernych started his conquering the Olympus.

Short biography data

V. P. Chernych was born Janu-ary 5, 1940 in Rechitsa village of Liv­ensk region, Orjol oblast in the family of teachers.

– 1957 — finished school in Livna, Orjol oblast.

– 1957–1959 — studied at Kharkov medical college №1 at pharmacy department, which he graduated brilliantly;

– 1959–1964 — studied at Kharkov pharmaceutical Institute;

– 1960–04.1961 — worked as a night duty pharmacist at a chemist’s №5 of Kharkov regional chemist department;

– 04.1961–09.1964 — worked as a duty dispensing pharmacist at a chemist’s №47 of Kharkov regional chemist department;

– 1964–1967 — studied as a post graduate student at pharmaceutical chemistry department of Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute;

– 1964–1965 — served in the Soviet Army;

– 1967 — defended dissertation for the Candidate of sciences degree;

– 1967–1971 — worked as an assistant at organic chemistry depart­ment;

– 1971–1979 — worked as an assistant-professor at organic chemistry department;

– 1971–1976 — took positions of a vice-dean, dean of the faculty;

– 1973 — received a degree of an assistant professor;

– 1976–1980 — took a vice-rector position in academic work;

– 1977 — received Doctor of pharmacy scientific degree;

– 1979–1985 — became a professor at organic chemistry department;

received a professor academic status;

– 1980 –was appointed a Rector of Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (at present — National University of Pharmacy);

– 1985 — became the head of organic chemistry department of Khark­ov Pharmaceutical Institute (at present — National University of Pharmacy);

– 1990 — defended second thesis for Doctor’s degree, Doctor of Che-mistry degree was given;

– 1997 — was chosen as a correspondent-member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Behind the exact chronology of life events there is a life of purposeful uncommon personality with firm character, talented, interested in many branches of science who has found his fate and vocation. On his long path­way he had both ups and bitterness of disappointments, bravado of youth arrogance and first youth love, joy of achievements and happiness of cre­ation and creativity.

The earning capacity and persistency, great thirst to knowledge, search­ing mind Valentin inherited from his parents. Combining brilliant studying at the Institute with active work in the students’ scientific society at the organic chemistry department, he recommended himself as a hard-working, talented person, capable for innovative research and analytical way of thinking.

Taking a post-graduate course, he gained valuable experience both as a scientist and a lecturer. After brilliant defending the thesis for Candidate of sciences degree he worked as an assistant, assistant-professor at the or­ganic chemistry department in the field of synthetic and chemical changes in the range of dicarbonic acid derivatives.

The scientist’s creative experience was enriched with new ideas. Thanks to youth enthusiasm, creative ardor and energetic character the thesis for Doctor’s degree was defended. And a new stage in the scientist’s biography began: he was appointed a professor and some years later a head of organic chemistry department. He is still in the head of it today.

Energetic potential and business features of the young scientist and teacher found their application in the administrative activity, a very important sphere, which he mastered while working as a dean and vice-rector.

Important scientific investigations, talent, experience of a leader and organizer were noticed by the state and in 1980 V.P. Chernych was appointed a Rector of Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute, the only pharmaceutical edu­cational establishment in the country.