Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 10/4 (15) 2015


Research of quality values and stability study of vaginal suppositories containing fluconazole and chlorhexidine digluconate
K. Burian

The review of the most used computational methods for studies of the relationships between molecular structure and biological activity
О. Devinyak

Morphological and taxonomic research of Salvia genus by vegetative characteristics
О. М. Коshovyi

Tyfon as a valuable forage crop and a prospective source of biological active compounds
Gurieva, V. Kyslychenko, V. Gnoyevyi

Analytical review of modern medicines of plant origin, used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system
A. Kriukova, Vladymyrova

Investigation of polysaccharide complexes of Asteraceae family plant
Marchyshyn, O. Demydiak, I. Dakhym, T. Berdey, G.R. Kozyr

Cefadroxil iodometric determination by potassium hydrogenperoxomonosulfate reaction
Yu. Serdiukova, S. Leonova

Study of products counterfeiting protection technologies on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market
S.V. Stepanenko

Study of pharmacological activity of solid extracts of Thlaspi arvence and Onobrychis arenaria on a model of benign prostatic hyperplasia of rats
O. Andriyanenkov

Efficiency mono- and combination of antimicrobial agents in experimental wound infection
Filimonova, O. Geiderikh

Review methods identification and assay of β-blockers
Vislous, N. Bevz, V. Georgiyants