Scientific Journal «ScienceRise» № 12/4 (17) 2015


Modern state of the assortment drugs for the treatment of vaginal candidosis
Yu. Levachkova, T. Yarnykh, S. Pushok, V. Chushenko

Peculiarities of tropane alkaloids determination in Datura stramonium L. leaves
V. Mishchenko, Yu. Prokopenko

Risk identification for the quality stage of pharmaceutical development of combined drops for glaucoma treatment
A. Yakubchuk, S. Rusanova, E. Fetisova, L. Andryukova, V. Iakovenko

Beta-blockers: research of range, socio-economic accessibility and volume of consumption in Ukraine
Tolochko, O. Mishchenko, V. Adonkina

The use of absorption spectrophotometry to the quantitative determination of hydrochlorothiazide in pharmaceutical products (literature review)
Anischenko, N. Bevz, V. Georgiynts

Development spectrophotometric method of determination mebhydrolin in dosage form
S. Vasyuk, S. Zahorodniy

Methods of social research in pharmaceutical marketing and management
Datkhayev, A. Shopabaeva, G. Umurzahova, K. Zhakipbekov, V. Malyi

Relevance of preparing homeopathic medicines from vegetable-based raw materials
S. Oleinik

Reasoning of the extractant choice of biological active substances of Phaseolus vulgaris valves
L. V.Vronska