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News of pharmacy

Journal «News of Pharmacy»
 (Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK)

Archive of the journal «News of Pharmacy» 2009-2014

ЖОФХ«Journal of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry»

 (Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK)

Archive of the «Journal of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry» 2009-2014

JClinical pharmacyournal «Clinical pharmacy»

(Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK – Higher Attestation Commission)

 Archive of the ««Clinical pharmacy» 2009-2014»

Обложка 4

Journal «Social Pharmacy in Health Care» 

(Ukrainian, Russian and English) (VAK)

«Ukrainian biopharmaceutical journal»

 (Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK)

  Archive of the «Ukrainian biopharmaceutical journal» 2009-2014

 Journal «Management, Economics and  Quality Assurance in Pharmacy»

(Ukrainian, Russian and English)  (VAK)

Archive of the «Management, Economics and  Quality Assurance in Pharmacy» 2009-2014

Scientific Journal «ScienceRise»

(Ukrainian, Russia,English,French and German)

The international scientific journal «ScienceRise» publishes original and review scientific papers in the field of pharmacy and medicine: problematic questions of health in pharmacy, organization and economics of pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics, marketing research, synthesis and analysis of biologically active substances, pharmacognosy research, technology and standardization of drugs, quality assurance system of pharmaceuticals, preclinical and clinical trials of new remedies.

The Journal is intended for scientists, pharmacists, physicians, and health system organizers.