Serbin Anatolii H.

Serbin Anatolii H. – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor

Born 02/01/1945 in Starokonstantinov, Khmelnitsky region. Professor, Head of the Department of Botany (1989-2012). He graduated from the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (1969).
Worked: Assistant (1972-1980), senior lecturer (1980-1983), associate professor (1983-1991), professor (1991), Head (1989-2012), professor of botany (since 2012). Simultaneously in combination worked as the deputy dean (1979-1989) Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (now the National University of Pharmacy).

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1972), Associate Professor (1983), Doctor of Pharmacy (1989), Professor (1991). Prepared 1 Doctors and 8 Candidates of Science, Health and Excellent Excellent high school.
Directions of scientific researches: phytochemical studying of representatives of the genera alder, succession, yarrow and other representatives of Ukrainian flora and development on their basis of the LP antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic action.. Author of over 300 scientific and educational works, including 5 textbooks, 59 manuals and 6 monographs, 26 patents, 8 dictionaries, 1 guide, 74 guidelines, 16 typical and working programs on disciplines that are taught at the department .

Co-author of five of the original LP, which are commercially Ukraine (substance “Altan” from the stems of alder sticky and gray pill “Altana” to 0.01 and gastro-enteric, ointment “Altanovaya 2%” and “Erikan” grass erigeron Canadian. Tablets “Elgatsin” exhibiting cardioprotective and antioxidant activity and intended for geriatrics, clinical trials, the substance “Alnikortin” and dense extract from the bark of alder sticky and gray – pre-clinical trials). Hirsch index – 2. A member of specialized councils for defending candidate and doctoral theses at NUPh D 64.605.01 17.600.03 and D at ZSMU, Problem Commission “Pharmacy” MLO Ukraine, Ukrainian Botanical Society