Slobodianiuk Mykola Mykolaiovych

Slobodianiuk Mykola Mykolaiovych – Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor

Теl. (0572) 67-91-72

Born 07.04.1949 in the village of Dereshova, Vinnytsia region

In 1968 he graduated from Kyiv Medical College №2 (Paramedic Department), in 1975 – Pharmaceutical Department of Zaporizhzhia Medical Institute, Graduate School at the Department of Medicines Technology of Zaporizhzhia Medical Institute (1978), Zaporizhzhia State University of Patenting (1980), Kharkiv State Economic University (2001).

After he had graduated from Medical College in 1968 with award,  he worked as a head of Paramedic-obstetric Clinic in the village of Perekoryntsi, Vinnytsia region, then as a head of Pharmacy of Military unit 75413 (1968-1970).

After he had graduated from Pharmaceutical Department of Zaporizhzhia Medical Institute in 1975, he worked as a head of Pharmacy №14 in the city of Nizhyn, Chernigiv region. He started his scientific career in Zaporizhzhia Medical Institute as an assistant of the Department of Medicine Technology (1978-1985). In 1985 he moved to Kharkiv and worked as a senior teacher (1985-87) and then as an associate professor (1987-1992) of the Department of Pharmacy Organization and Economic of the Department of Pharmacists Professional Development of Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute. From 1992 he worked as an associate professor of the Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy of KPI. In 1993-1994 he worked as a provost in economic issues of Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy.

During 1995-1997 he worked as a director of branch-office №1 of educational-production complex of National Pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine. From 1994 to 1998 he worked as a director, a coordinator of Ukrainian-Belgium production company “Magic”. He used to be a leading executor and manager in the implementation of new medicines into the company production (11 names). He studied at the Belgium production and wholesale pharmaceutical companies.

Mr. Slobodianuk took an active part in the organization and development of the Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy of the National Medical University, where he worked as an associate professor from 1992. In 1992-.1993 he was an acting head of the Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy and professor from 2004 up till present. He is a delegate or a participant of ІV- VІІІ National congresses of pharmacists of Ukraine.

In 1980 he defended candidate’s dissertation in “Development and Biopharmaceutical analysis of children’s medicines with analgesic-antipyretic effect”, in 1992 – a doctor’s thesis in “Scientific and organizational fundamentals of new medicines technological process management”. He participated in the development and putting into production generic medicines of cardio-vascular, antiphlogistic, antimicrobial, antihypertensive and antihypoxic effect (Amplodipine, Loratadine, Simvaststin, Trimethazidine, Diclofenak, Piroxicam, Azithromycin, Remantadine, Drotaverin, Trimetroprim with Sulfamethoxazole), which are produced by leading pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine. Among them are the following: Cardazine-Zdorovia, Simvacor-Zdorovia, Amplodipine-Zdorovia (pharmaceutical Company “Zdorovia”), Amplodipine, Bi-Sept (“Pharmac” PSC”), Amolodipine, Diclofenac, Drotaverine (“Darnytsia” PSC), Diclofenak, Azithromicineн, Piroxicam (“Chervona zirka” PSC). There are over 500 printed scientific works. He is the author or co-author of 16 scientific methodical recommendations and informational booklets, 9 branch innovations,         4 certificates for a composition. Approximately 50 articles have been included to the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia of Ukraine. He is a laureate of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR and Ukraine, the author of 7 inventions. He was awarded with a sign “The Inventor of USSR”.

Scientific approach of investigations of Slobodianiuk M.M. – theoretical and scientific practical fundamentals of socially-oriented goods policy of the companies; management of medicines market and marketing potential; optimization of searching and forecasting of medical and social expediency of putting into production new medicines.

Professor Slobodianiuk M.M. has trained three candidates of sciences:  Zhadko S.V. “Scientific and practical motivation of assortment policy of production pharmaceutical companies” (2009), Ivchenko A.V. “Marketing and pharmacoeconomic approaches to the determination of competitive potental of trade marks of anti-ulcer medicines” (2010), Samborskyi O.S. “Scientific and practical motivation of inovative potential of anti-allergic antihistamine medicines” (2014). He has trained the doctor (Samborskyi O.S. “Theoretical and scientific practical motivation of socially-oriented goods policy of pharmaceutical company” of sciences. Every year he is the head of diploma and master’s works of students-graduates.

While working at the Department of Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing, Professor Slobodianiuk M.M. delivered a course of lectures in marketing goods policy, commercial activity of intermediary companies, lectures in management and marketing in pharmacy (foreign and domestic students), ethics and deontology in pharmacy, namely: marketing of quality, quality of postoperative processes, logistics, legal regulation of pharmaceutical companies, regulation of perfume-cosmetic industry; co-author of training manual (Infrastructure of goods market (2005), manual “Pharmaceutical and medical biological aspects of medicines” (2007) and manual “Pharmaceutical companies, organizations and institutions manual” (2010); development of training programs, methodical recommendations for practical classes and other training methodical materials for the Department of Pharmacy Professional Development  (1985-1992) and for students majoring in “Pharmacy”, “Marketing” , “Technology of perfume-cosmetic products”, “Clinical Pharmacy”. He delivers open lecture and master-classes every year.

According to the decrees of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Professor Slobodianiuk M.M. fulfilled his responsibilities as a head of state qualification board at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University (2009) and Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (2014-2015).

He is a member of approbation board of the National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine by the speciality 15.00.01 – technology of medicines, organization of pharmacy and forensic pharmacy.

While working at the department, Professor Slobodianiuk M.M. is responsible for scientific-research work. He started cooperation with foreign countries: two corporate scientific articles have been published, a program of further corporate investigations and publications is being currently developed. He is a responsible secretary of annual International scientific conferences “Management and marketing in the modern economy, science, education and practice”), which have international index of quotation and are delivered by the Department since 2012, registered by the Ministry of Education and Sciences and Ministry of Health of Ukraine and are supported by the Ukrainian Marketing Association. He is a responsible performer of big scientific-research work, which has been delivered at the expense of the client, in “Marketing research of pharmaceutical market in order to put into production new medicines”.

Professor Slobodianiuk M.M. participated in the development of the project of the Law of Ukraine “On medicines”, decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “Instructions of selling medicines in pharmacies”, State target program “Development of import-changeable productions in Ukraine and substitution of imported medicines by domestic, including biotechnological medicines and vaccines for 2012-2022”, a set of branch regulations and instructions.

He used to work as an acting scientific consultant of pharmaceutical factories OSC “Chervona Zirka” (1999-2002), OSC Pharmaceutical company “Zdorovia” (2002-2004), director general of OSC PC “Vinka” (1998-2012), director general of “Diprocomunbud” LTD (2012-2013), a scientific consultant  of “Diprocomunbud” LTD and “Communal innovations” LTD.

He was awarded with a number of acknowledgements of National Pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine, Kharkiv City Mayor and Kharkiv Regional State Administration.