Dear students !

Our team of twenty thousand students and teachers is proud to train specialists and scientific personnel for our pharmaceutical industry and for foreign countries.

Nowadays, our personnel training goes on. We promoted teachers foreign traveling and studied the training experience of more than 50 leading universities in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.

Our task today is to save fundamental classical high school and especially the national training, to introduce new disciplines into our curriculum in a way to create modern educational standards. It is necessary for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the country.

You, the students, know perfectly well that English is the number one question. The university works actively during the last 8-10 years on the improvement of teachers’ English.

Our country chose the European integration and the Bologna educational system, where you can’t do without English.

Ministry of Education conducts a dialogue with universities and students to improve the quality of education and training.

Today, the country is having serious difficulties that will touch the University. But our team is optimistic. We are confident that we’ll stay alright. All of us hope that wisdom, strength of spirit and unity of Ukrainians will overcome all difficulties. God gives us grace and peace.

Dear fellow-students! We have always had with you an open dialogue. In fact, every day the rector has an open day.

Hotline works 7060187. All buildings and hostels has  a “Skrinka dovіri”

Regular students meetings with rector are organized where any questions. You get timely answers, which are available to all students in the student newspaper.

Today we offer to engage in a dialogue on the web NUPh.

“University hot line ” for direct communication with the Rector. 

You can ask any questions, comment or suggestin Ukrainian or Russian as well as in English .

I, as the rector am always open to dialogue with everyone.

Loving our Ukraine, our people, our University , all of my students.

your V.P.Chernyh