The two-day International Scientific and Practical Conference “INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY: STAGES OF FORMATION AND FUTURE” began at the National University of Pharmacy on September 29, 2017. Celebrations on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Industrial Pharmacy Faculty of the NUPh and the 20th anniversary of the first cohort of graduates in the specialty were held within the framework of this event

It should be noted that in the early 90’s of the XX century, the NUPh became the first university of independent Ukraine, which opened the specialty “Industrial Pharmacy”. Engineering direction in the pharmaceutical university appeared at the initiative of V.P. Chernykh, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Rector of the NUPh in 1980-2017.

On the first day, the conference was opened by members of the organizing committee: V.P. Chernykh, Honorary Rector of the NUPh; A.A. Kotvitska, Acting Rector of the NUPh; L.M. Vinnik, Deputy Rector for educational work of the NUPh.

They congratulated everyone present in the hall on the jubilee: graduates of the Industrial Pharmacy Faculty of the NUPh of the past years, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical education of Ukraine, students of the NUPh, honorary guests. Deans of the Industrial Pharmacy Faculty of the NUPh of different years addressed to the audience: Professors V.V. Chuieshov, V.O. Timaniuk, Associate Professors K.V. Dynnik, T.V. Krutskukh.

The following participants of the conference arrived in Kharkiv in order to congratulate the NUPh on the anniversary and to take part in the Conference: V.P. Novikov – Professor, Head of the Department of Technologies of Biologically Active Compounds, Pharmacy and Biotechnology of the Lviv Polytechnic National University; Representatives of the Department of Organic Substances and Pharmaceuticals of the Ukrainian State Chemical-Technological University – Head of the Department, Professor O.V. Kharchenko, Associate Professor of the Department V.V. Kyselev

S.O. Povietkin, Head of the Department of foreign economic relations of JSC “Chervona zirka”, addressed his congratulations to the audience and on behalf of the enterprise presented a gift for Student Hostel №2 of the NUPh – washing machines.

L.O. Penchukova – Director of the Medical and Pharmaceutical College of the professional higher education institution “International Academy of Ecology and Medicine”, pharmacist, manufacturing engineer, graduate of the Industrial Pharmacy Faculty of the NUPh in 1998 – gave a speech on behalf of graduates.

Recognition of high quality of education at the NUPh manifests itself by constant appeals from employers to attract graduates of the NUPh to work during the academic year as manufacturing technicians, microbiologists, controllers, specialists in standardization, certification and quality, a experts, research engineers, technological engineers, district managers, analytical laboratory supervisor, logician, efficiency and productivity consultants, pharmaceutical representatives, marketing specialists, production department managers, etc.

Today, graduates and students of the Industrial Pharmacy Faculty of the NUPh work at the leading pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine: PJSC “Farmak”, PC “Zdorovia”, PF “Darnitsa”, JSC “Lekhim Kharkiv”, PJSC “Khimfarmzavod “CHERVONA ZIRKA”, LLC “Pharmek Group”, LLC “Valartin Farm”, “Bentokrym”, LLC “Kyivvelzavod”, JSC SPC “Borschagovsky CPP”, LLC “Zhytomyr Pharmaceutical Factory”, JSC «Phytopharm», LLC SPPC «AIM», etc.

Today, Industrial Pharmacy, Management and Administration Faculty of the NUPh – more than 600 students of full-time, part-time and evening-time training programs, 6 departments: Department of Biotechnology, Department of Management and Administration, Department of Industrial Pharmacy, Department of Management and Economics of Enterprise, training under 13 educational programs, staff of the Faculty’s Dean’s Office.

Training of production engineers for pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine in specialty “Industrial Pharmacy” and specialty “Technologies of Drugs”, and now – inclusive Master’s degree program under specialty “226 Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy”, is unchanged during 25 years of Faculty’s existence.

Today “Industrial Pharmacy” is not a separate specialty, but stands in a line with “Pharmacy” specialty, which does not correspond to the world practice of pharmaceutical personnel training. Therefore, the NUPh, as a pioneer, should work on separation of this specialty.