UDС 615.454.1:618.15-002 RESEARCH OF A NEW COMBINED VAGINAL CREAM FOR TREATING NON-SPECIFIC VAGINITIS S.M.Drogovoz, G.V.Zaychenko, O.V.Grishchenko, O.S.Busygіn, K.V.Drogovoz

Among the infectious-inflammatory diseases of the genital tract, which are the actual problem in modern gynecology, the most common ones are vulvovaginal candidiasis, non-specific vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis. The analysis of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine has shown the lack in the assortment of the domestic medicines with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Klivazol is the domestic combined cream for the treatment of vaginitis and vaginosis, which contains clindamycin and miconazole. The action of a new vaginal cream on the model of traumatic vaginitis in rats complicated by infection with museum strains of microorganisms has been studied. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the cream tested has been carried out by indicators of the peripheral blood, the local temperature, the intensity of vaginal discharge. It has been found that in comparison with the reference drugs the cream studied started to act more quickly. The results of this research indicate the effectiveness of a vaginal cream Klivazol.

Key words: non-specific vaginitis; vaginal medicinal form; clindamycin; miconazole