Volkovoi Valerii A.

Volkovoy Valeriy Arkadiyovich, the doctor of medical science, professor of the pathophysiology  department (Kulikivska street №12  t.w.  706-30-66 E-mail patoloqy@nuph.edu.ua).

Avtobyogarphy. I was born 26 of September   1948 in Zmeyov town of the Kharkov region. After finishing  secondary school  in  1968. I joined the Kharkov medical institute and finished in 1974. 1974-1975 the doctor-intern of neurology department  of  the Kharkov region clinical hospital. From 1975 to 1979 I worked as a neurologist in Zmeyov central hospital, and from 1980 as a head neurologist of Ministry of internal affairs city. 1984-1985 –head substitute on therapeutic care of the Kharkov city polyclinic №11. From 1985 – head of medical and summation department at the Kharkov Aviation plant.

From 1986 he was assigned as an assistant of pathological physiology department by Scientific Council of the Kharkov pharmaceutical institute. At the department he conducted practical lessons mi the students, was occupied with scientific research

on pharmacology and in 1989 he defended candidate dissertation «Antiinflammatory activity of saponin containing complexes from Georgia herbal material» at Union research institute of biologically active substances Moscow city. After dissertation de  fence he worked as a senior lecturer of physiology with anatomy principles department, and from 1990 – substitute of the pharmaceutical faculty. After dissertation defense he was continuing research and from 1996 to 1997 was at a doctorate courses at the same department. In 1998 he defended doctor dissertation «Manufacturing optimization of antiarrythmic drags of plants origin» at medical and dental university, Moscow city.

From 2006 – professor of physiology with human anatomy principles department, and from 2010 – professor of pathological physiology, and in May of the current year he confirmed his doctoral dissertation in Institute of Pharmacology (Academy of Medical Sciences, Kiev city).

Scientific school. Principal field – preclinical research of pharmacological activity (antiinflammatory, hemostatic, antiarrhythmic, cardioprotective ) of different medical plants extracts.

He prepared 5 candidates of science, he published 70 articles, 50 thesis, 8 methodological recommendations, 7 patents.

Publishing activity. One student’s book and two manuals on human anatomy (in Russian, two student books manuals human physiology- in English, one student’s book on pathological anatomy in Ukrainian, one manual on hygiene in pharmacy in Ukrainian.

Teaching disciplines. Anatomy (in Russian, Ukrainian), physiology, pathological physiology (in Russian, Ukrainian, English).

Hobbies. I like physical activity at private land area.