XXVIII All-Ukraine Research-to-Practice Conference with International Participation “Pharmaceuticals for people”, modern issues of development, research and approbation of drugs

 According to the scientific conference conduction plan, certified by the Ukrainian Institute for Scientific, Technical and Economic Information (registration certificate №1 from 10.01.2011), scheduled research-to-practice conference “Pharmaceuticals to people” was held by the pharmacotherapy department of NUPh on issues of development, research and approbation of drugs.
78 representatives from Italy, Austria and Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Ternopil) attended the conference.
Conference started with opening speech from vice-rector for scientific work, prof. Kovalenko S.M., who emphasized that traditional annual conference, held by pharmacotherapy department, gives a lot of information on disease treatment and implementation of new solutions in medical maintenance. Prof. Kovalenko S.M. wished productive work to all participants.
After the opening speech of prof. Kovalenko S.M, papers were presented on following topics: normative legal regulation of clinical research, peculiarities of its conduction in particular involving children, application of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic techniques in clinical practice, provision of medical and preventive treatment institutions with medicaments in accordance with formulary system, results of experimental drug and new substance research, conducted by national and foreign scientists.
The report of prof. Kireev I.V. from the National University of Pharmacy was devoted to the topical issue of contemporary tendencies of diagnostics and treatment of influenza A (H1N1)2009 with the help of modern drugs (Tamiflu and Relenza). Original method of application of Relenza was illustrated.

Head of department of clinical and preclinical tests from Kyiv, Nikolaeva V.V. reported on harmonization of normative legal regulation of clinical tests in Ukraine in accordance with world practice, stressing the determination of our country to work in accordance with global standards.
Giovanni Rizzo PhD, the representative of Intercept Pharmaceuticals reported in English about the preclinical tests of bile acid-based drugs synthesized by a group of scientists (Rizzo G., Passeri D., De Franco F., Ciaccioli G., Donadio L., Sadeghpour B., Adorini L. Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Corciano (PG), Italy; Pellicciari R. Department of Chemistry University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy; Pruzanski M., Intercept Pharmaceuticals, New York, USA).The results of preclinical research of bile acid derivatives show their effectiveness and potential for treatment of liver and metabolic diseases (Type II insulin-resistant diabetes).
Prof. Gorchakova N.O., National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets, Kyiv, reported on pharmacological and quantum-chemical properties of polyunsaturated fatty acids and on results of study of electronic and three-dimensional structure of EPA and DHA molecules.
Assoc. prof. Samura B.B., Zaporizhzhya Medical University, reported on the peculiarities of myocardial function of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia after polychemotherapy. Special attention was paid to cardiotoxic effect of cytostatic doxorubicin that is widely used in oncology as well as to the ways of solving this problem with the help of inclusion of cordarone, which minimizes myocardial injury and restores myocardial function, into the treatment schedule.
Medvid I.I., Ternopil State Medical University named after I.Y. Gorbachevskiy, reported on studies of spissum extract of white mulberry and on prospects of its application in practical medicine and pharmacy as anti-oxidant and hepatoprotective medication.
O.O. Dobra, PhD, Clinical pharmacist at Kharkiv student hospital, reported on pharmacological correction of impaired body functions in accordance with formulary system. The necessity of state funding for acquisition of vital medicaments for hospital emergency care was outlined.
NUPh professor Derymedvid’ L.V. introduced the attendees to the innovative technique in breast oncology, connected with application of new diagnostic tool Liv Aid. Statistical evidence shows that breast cancer is widely spread in Ukraine. Breast cancer mortality rates are very high and one of the main causes is lack of self-diagnosis and regular medical check-up.
EuroPharm GmbH (Austria)leading specialist Marius Pirringer described new methods of self-diagnosisin malignant breast tumor detection and the leading role of the woman herself in dealing with this problem has been pointed out. Breast cancer self-diagnosis tool Liv Aid has been announced to appear on the Ukrainian market soon.
“Peculiarities of clinical research involving children” is the subject of presentation of Kovtun L.I. (National medical university named after Bogomolets, Kyiv). Ethical points of such research were pointed out, the regulatory systemwas presented and the analysis of clinical tests involving children in Ukraine was conducted.
Phd in Medical science, assoc. prof. of Kharkiv Zoo-veterinary Academy Kornienko V.I. presented a paper on the topic: “Influence of ammonium salts of imidazo-[1, 2-f] xanthine on kidney function”, where personal research results and grounding for clinical application of drugs, based on these substanceswere provided.
Assoc. prof. at Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Shmelkova K.S. reported on “Issues of choice of modern topical glucocorticosteroids”. When using glucocorticosteroids, the rules of their rational prescribing should be followed. This helps maximize their pharmacological activity and decreases possibility of side effectsappearance.
During the conference in-depth discussion of the issues, set out in the papers, took place with the active participation of prof. Gorchakova N.O., prof. Samura B.A., prof. Derymedvid’ L.V., assoc. prof. Samura B.B. etc. Attendees were satisfied with the information obtained from the reports.
On the basis of conference materials the collected book “Pharmaceuticals for people” has been published. A resolution on implementation of research and information on topical issues of development, approbation and application of drugs has been passed.