Demianenko Viktor Grygorievych

Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor. Department of Merchandising Address: 4, Bliukhera St. Tel.: 8 (0572) 67-91-80 E-mail: Autobiography. Was born on 30, September1946 inTajikistan. In 1970 he graduated from  the Kharkov Institute of Pharmacy and for 10 years worked Read more

Museum of History of Pharmacy of Ukraine

The first step towards the creation of the museum was the development of its concept, according to  which nowadays it has two exhibition halls. In the building of the University in 4, Blukhera Str., there was chosen and renovated a Read more

Zaliubovskaya Olga Il’inichna

Zaliubovskaya  Olga  Il’inichna – Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor. Department of clinical laboratory diagnostics. Address: 12, Mel’nikova  Str., Kharkov Tel.: 706-30-66 Autobiography. Zaliubovskaya was born  in Kharkov on the 2nd  January,  1966 in a family of scientists. Father, Zaliubovskiy Il’ya Read more

Memorial plates

The University honors its history. Memorial plaques dedicated to famous personalities of pharmacy and the most significant events of its history are installed in its buildings. Memorial plaques to M.O. Valyashko are installed at the administrative body of the University. Read more

“Personalities of pharmacy”

Sculpture composition titled “Personalities of Pharmacy” was dedicated during the VII Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine in September 2010. This sculpture, which embodies the figure of the first rector of the present National University of Pharmacy M.O. Valyashko and rector Read more

“Pharmacy in ages”

In 2004, the year whenKharkovcelebrated 350-years anniversary  and in honor of 200 years anniversary of higher pharmaceutical schools establishment inUkraine, there was placed a sculpture complex “Pharmacy in ages” near the education center of the National University of Pharmacy (4, Read more

Botanical garden

Botanical garden, which was created in 1992, became the real decoration of buildings in 4, Blukhera Str.  Botanical GardenofNUPhwas not only the basis of educational and industrial training of students in botany and pharmacognosy but also a part of the Read more

Chemical and technical buildings of NUPh

In 1975, Kharkiv city executive committee decided to give a plot of land in 519th micro-district to build there a high school campus that would include educational, sports, social, cultural and residential areas. Along with others, Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (KhPhI) Read more

College of NUPh

The building of the college is a building of wartime, and since 1997 is  in the balance of NUPh.