Kabachnyy Vladimir Ivanovich

Kabachnyy vladimir Ivanovich – a scientist, Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor, Head of the Physical and Colloidal Chemistry Department, Honoured Inventor of Ukraine, Active member of EUROPAISCHE AKADEMIE der NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN (Germany), active member of International Academy of Science and Innovation Technologies Read more

In the years of independent Ukraine

In 1991 the Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (KIFh) was one of the first three higher educational institutions in the number of 900 higher educational institutions of the USSR to receive accredited status at the Union level. In 1992, the KIFh was Read more

Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute in 1970 – 1980s

ВAccording to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the USSR of November 2, 1972 “On Improvement of Educational and Methodological Work at Higher Medical Educational Institutions”, five cycle methodological commissions were established at the Institute: pharmaceutical, physical and Read more

Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute in 1950 – 1960s

During the 1950s-1960s, the KIFh has actively created a powerful educational and scientific potential and strengthened the material and technical base. In 1952 the military-pharmaceutical faculty was established by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR at Read more

Restoration of the institute

In 1944 the institute was re-evacuated to Kharkiv. The house in the Melnikova, 12 street was dilapidated. Professor Y.G. Borysiuk was again reffered for the position of the director of the institute. During the war the German invaders have robbed Read more

In the 1920s – 1930s

In connection with the so-called “unification of pharmaceutical education” (1924) the expediency of the existence of higher pharmaceutical establishments was questioned. The institute ceased its activities according to the decision of the Main Ukrainian vocational education and training. The teaching Read more

Establishment of the pharmaceutical institute

In the 1920s the consequences of severe political cataclysms were given: ruin, famine, and raging illnesses were prevailed. Therefore, it is quite clear that one of the urgent tasks of the new authorities was necessity to restore and strengthen the Read more