March 5, 2013, exhibition of students’ and the NUPh staff members’ works, from 10:00 till 14:00, 4 Blukhera Str.

On March 5 there was held an exhibition of the NUPh staff members’, students’, children’s of the NUPh staff members’ and the NUPhCollege staff members’ art works, it was traditionally dedicated to the International Women’s Day and was the fourth in succession. As an exposition hall served the entrance hall of the academic building in 4 Blukhera Str.

From year to year increases the number of those wishing to show their creations, each year expands the genre diversity of exhibits: beadwork, plaster, papier-mâché, clay, plasticine, wood; painting, embroidery, photographs, applique work, painting on glass; knitted crochet napkins and whole cloth products made using felting techniques, and even poetry collections … In the last exhibition took part about 60 participants, were presented more than 300 works.

5.03.2013 выставка работ сотрудников НФаУ 8Authors of the best works were determined by comments of visitors. The prize – Certificates of Merit and cash prizes.
This year’s winners of the exhibition of art works are:

Drawing and painting

I place: staff member Deviatkina A.A. (post-graduate student of Medical Chemistry Department), student Anastasiya Borodina (“Pharmacy”, 3rd course, vocational secondary education)
II place: staff member Kyzym Ye.G. (associate professor of Analytical Chemistry Department) – daughter Nadiya Chunakova, student Katerina Fomenko (NUPh College)
III place: staff member Korkushko T.A. (leading librarian) – daughter Veronika Korkushko
I place: Tikhonova S.A. (head of Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs Department), student Svetlana Chapni (“Biotechnology”, 2nd course, 1st group)
II place: Memhes L.N. (attendant of hostel № 3), Pustoutova A.Yu. (NUPh College lecturer)
III place: Eremeeva I.V. (department assistant of the NUPh College), Kryklyva I.A. (associate professor of Industrial Pharmacy Department), Mundrusova E.S. (concierge of academic building in 12 Melnikova Str.)
Crochet work and knitting

I place: Shovtyuk (category I specialist of pedagogical service)
II place: Karaoglanova N.G. (head of the sector of the Scientific Library), Labuzova Yu.Yu. (post-graduate student of Physical and Colloid Chemistry Department)
III place: Burlakova I.S. (senior department assistant of Chemistry of Natural Compounds Department), Litvinova L.V.

I place: Mikhaylenko I.M. (category I librarian), Altukhov A.A. (teaching assistant of the analytical Chemistry Department), student Yuliya Ruban (“Pharmacy”, 2nd course, 1st group)
II place: Zatylnikova O.A. (teaching assistant of Botany Department), Tiron M.V. (head of the division of the Scientific Library)
III place: Samoylova V.A. (post-graduate student of Pharmacognosy Department)

Felting techniques with cotton
I place: Zubkova Ye.Yu. (specialist of the publishing centre)
II place: Ukrayinskaya S.N. (head of the sector of the Scientific Library)
III place: Kucher T.V. (senior department assistant of Toxicological Chemistry Department)

Applied art
(Flower arranging, kvilinh, weaving beads, macrame)
I place: Vasilieva Ye.P. (head of the division of the Scientific Library), student Olesya Zavolodko (“Biotechnology”, 3rd course, 2nd group)
II place: Lisak N.O. (leading librarian), Fedoruk I.V. (category I librarian)
III place: Zolotko Z.S. (senior department assistant of Toxicological Chemistry Department), Pogosyan Ye.G. (associate professor of Toxicological Chemistry Department)

Audience Award
Artem Baganyuk, 10 years old (son of Baganyuk Ye.I., inspector of the Faculty of multicycle pharmaceutical education)
Zhadko S.V. (associate professor)
Rogulya O.Yu. (associate professor)
Olga Rubak, 7 years old (daughter of Rubak Yu.A., head of the sector of the Scientific Library)
Darina Suk, 9 years old (daughter of Suk L.V., category I librarian)

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