Administrative building

House in modern style was built by the project of the known Lithuanian architect Y. S. Tsaune for evangelic Christian community in 1911. Since 1920 during a decade there worked Ukrainian state roentgen-radiological institute in this building.

The building is the monument of architecture  #102 and is entered in the Register of national cultural legacy #11849. In this grandeval house, which was reconstructed using modern technologies, the following managing and administrative and managerial departments are located: rector’s office, dean’s offices, education and scientific departments, book-keeping and financial department offices, administrative and economic part, publishing house, personnel department, archive and admission board,  etc. In 1974 a conference hall was added on to existing basic building. In 2001 the restoration of rooms was started, and was completed in 2004. In 2003 general overhaul of the facade was made.


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