Administrative-economic department

Address: 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkiv

Tel.:  +38 (057) 706-30-61
Tel / Fax:  +38 (057) 706-22-62

Major trends of work:

  • Good conditions for the work of the University.
  • Perform activities for water, gas, heat, power system security. The department also deals with problems related to waterways and ventilation.
  • Department performs work aimed at the systematic supervision of the proper operation of campuses and maintenance of technical documentation.
  • Performs overhaul, maintenance of buildings and campuses of the university.
  • Performs monitoring tasks.
  • Performs campuses and building preconditioning for the academic year beginning and their operation in the autumn-winter period.
  • Organizes the work intended for the manufacture of campus faces and buildings look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Keeps the University campuses and buildings in a sanitary condition.
  • Involved in the procurement of goods, services and works tenders.
  • Drafts contracts for logistics University.
  • Takes measures intended for economic use of energy resources and use cold water.
  • Monthly bills and the quarterly report solutions for electricity, hot and cold water.
  • Road Transport maintenance of the departments of the university and the power to transport.
  • Participates in the contract drawing, as well as for premises for rent, management of maintenance (water and heat retention rent of premises).


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