April 7-12, 2014, career guidance week in the NUPh

During one week – from April 7 to April 12, 2014 – career guidance week “Start for professional success” took place in the National University of Pharmacy.

The week began with seminar-workshops and trainings. Subjects of the events were various: job search via the Internet, overseas employment, employment in the pharmacy network, how to start the career, first job place search, youth programs, job search techniques, how to create the perfect CV, etc. Altogether specialists of Kharkiv regional employment center, “Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding”, “Arterium” corporation, Internet service “Jobs in Kharkov”, LLC “Unitemp”, LLC “Sanofi – Aventis Ukraine”, LLC “Servier”, specialized consulting agency “PHARMA personnel” and psychological service of the NUPh conducted 16 seminar-workshops and trainings.

April 10, 2014 – scientific and practical conference “Actual problems of practical training of the NUPh students in Ukraine and abroad”, which was aimed at generalization and analysis of national and international experience in content and organization of practical training, as well as discussion of scientific and practical problems associated with students’ practical training.

In our university 24 weeks are given for practical training. 24 Departments of the NUPh supervise the practical training. Students of the NUPh develop their professional practical skills on about 700 bases of practical training.

Joint events with representatives of practical training bases and practical training supervisors at the relevant Departments on the final results of the practical training are held in the National University of Pharmacy since 2009. Traditionally, the purpose of such forums is to summarize the results of the practical training and analyze its conduction, evaluate students’ performance during the practical training, and establish business and creative contacts with representatives of the practical pharmacy. In 2014, the Conference received the status of scientific and practical: participants listened not only to the reports on the results of the practical training, but also on the researches of lecturers, employers and students.

Special guests participated in the conference: A.P. Bkaiev – Director of the State wholesale – retail enterprise “Regional pharmaceutical warehouse”, S.V. Usov – adviser to the deputy of Kharkiv city council Yurii Poiarkov, Chairman of the Humanitarian Affairs Commission (Education, Culture, Youth and Sports), Chairman of the Kharkiv union of foreign students, O.A. Kurbanov – head of human resources department of LLC “Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding”.

Scientific and practical conference was opened by V.P. Chernykh, Rector of the National University of Pharmacy, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Professor.

In his welcoming speech in English, which the Rector who is fluent in German studies to be a personal example for students, Professor V.P. Chernykh said:

– Youth – is the future of the country. And our main goal is to provide students with high international standards of higher education. Theory is necessary but insufficient to become a professional. Practical training is another condition, which can make you a professional. A moving force of this process, in my opinion, is desire to learn and fluency in at least one foreign language.

During the conference, participants listened to reports of supervisors and representatives of practical training bases on requirements to the system of professional knowledge and skills, personal and professional qualities of the future professional; extension of the participation of employers’ organizations in organization of practical training; youth development programs; deepening of the ties between education and practice.

– It is necessary to become an expert in you work in order to reach the top in your profession, – said Professor V.P. Chernykh. – Youth is the future of the country, at least half of the century current students are to work, create science, intellectual potential and image of the country in the world. I am often asked: what chances does a pharmacist have in the labor market? We have forged close links with Employment Centers not only in our region but also in other regions of Ukraine, and we know that there are jobs in pharmacies. But there are no unemployed pharmacists and pharmaceutists! These professionals are always in demand.  Specialists trained in the NUPh, realize themselves in pharmacies, manufacturing sector, management sector of pharmaceutical market

The NUPh lecturers whose students undergo practical training have prepared reports on the experience of Departments on the content and organization of practical training in the relevant specialty in the Universities of other countries; use of innovations in organization of the practical training for the NUPh students in order to improve its quality.

At the plenary session Ukrainian and foreign students reviewed in their reports the role of practical training in the training of future specialist; psychological adaptation of students – trainee in a production environment; professional experience during practical training; formation of skills for research work in production environment.

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April 11, 2014, Job Fair – another traditional event held in the walls of the NUPh that have a powerful public response, and annually attracts more and more students to the University and the NUPhCollege. Opening ceremony of the Job Fair was visited by the Rector, heads of Departments and structural subdivisions of the NUPh, the NUPh staff and honorary guests: A.I. Tolstykh – Deputy Director of KharkivRegionalEmploymentCenter, A.P. Bkaiev – Director of the State wholesale – retail enterprise “Regional pharmaceutical warehouse”, O.A. Kurbanov – head of human resources department of LLC “Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding”.

In Job Fair – 2014, which was held with the support of Kharkiv Regional Employment Center, participated State wholesale – retail enterprise “Regional pharmaceutical warehouse”, “Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding”, Pharmacies “YOUR CONSULTANT”, VC companies group, LLC “PRANA – FARM”, LLC “Pharmastor”, Good Day Pharmacy Network, LLC “Med-service Kharkiv”, PF “Gamma 55”, Pharmacy “Berkut”, LLC “BaDM”, LLC “Servier – Ukraine”, LLC “Pharmaceutical company “Zdorovia”, LLC “PHARMA PERSONNEL”, LLC “UNITEMP”, LLC “Global Bilgi”, German Institute – «Deutsches Institut», Kharkov German Center Studex LLC, Internet – service “Jobs in Kharkov”.

The Fair used stand equipment, employers provided job vacancies, EmploymentCenter equipped the sector, where people could pass a psychological test, familiarize themselves with the available jobs in all regions of Ukraine, get CV writing skills and master the technique of interview with a potential employer.

In general, employers presented 150 vacancies to the attention of students. According to the results of the Job Fair a round table was held, where organizers and participants summed up the results of projects aimed at successful employment of the NUPh students and the NUPhCollege students.

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Complex of events of the career guidance week ended with Specialties Fair that was held on April 12 and was aimed at attraction of prospective students.

Specialties Fair was visited by pupils, schools and colleges graduated, and their parents. In the framework of project, the NUPh guests had an opportunity to receive detailed information about the specialties that are in demand on the labor market. Those boys and girls who have not yet decided on the future profession, members of KharkovRegionalEmploymentCenter, which supported the organization of the event, helped identify the propensity to a particular profession. For those wishing, the tours were held to the University Department and Museum of the History of Pharmacy of Ukraine.

About 150 students from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Lugansk, Khmelnytsk regions participated in the Specialties Fair.

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