What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a branch of knowledge that studies and develops methods of obtaining products, beneficial for humanity, with the help of biological objects – microorganisms, animal and plant cells.

Biotechnology fascinates not only with the long distance it covered in the course of its development, but also with prospects it opens. In XXI century biological technologies will become branches of world science, which will be developing at the most intensive rate and will be changing our familiar world revolutionary.

What do we need biotechnology for?

Biotechnology provides production of antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, vaccines, sera, food products; creation of transgenic microorganisms, plants and animals etc.  Biotechnological achievements areused in creation of vector genetic makeups, for genetic diagnosis and treatment of diseases, for development of engineering structureswith the application of biomolecules (biosensors, bioelements). A new direction is advancing rapidly – nanobiotechnology.

Where to obtain degree in biotechnology?

Since 2000, specialist training in biotechnology has been carried out in National University of Pharmacy.

Students, studying biotechnology, are trained according to modern curricula and innovative techniques, designed with regard to the best national and international standards.

Future biotechnologists learn to create pharmaceuticals and produce food substances with application of microorganisms, plant and animal cells. In the course of training students uncover the secrets of cloning and transgenesis.

Future specialist formation process takes place not only in lecture halls and laboratories, but also directly in the working environment – during general engineering and technological practical training  in leading modern biotechnological companies of Ukraine ( JSC “Biolik”; Kherson Biological factory;  “SUN InBev Ukraine”, Kharkiv branch; Institute of animal science UAAS;  JSC “Stirol-Biotech”).

Studying at the National University of Pharmacy, students are acquiring one of the most up-to-date specialties – “Biotechnology”.

Where can biotechnologists work and what positions can they hold?

Graduates with a specialist degree in biotechnology work for a number of companies in particular in pharmaceutical, nutrition, perfume and cosmetics, veterinary, processing sectors of industry and in agriculture. Their professional activity involves:

–          Operational, technological, organizational and managerial functions in the sphere of biological products manufacturing.

–          Exploitation of technical equipment for  biotechnological  production;

–          Development of new and improvement of the existing technological processes;

–          Manufacture of biotechnological products;

–          Selection and justification of new technological processes and operating conditions;

–          Provision of high quality standards of production;

–          Organization of engineering and logistical support under new economic conditions;

–          Organization of personnel infirmier training;

Primary positions for graduates:

–          Shift foreman

–          Technologist

–          Engineering lab assistant

–          Microbiologist

–          Biochemist

–          Biologist

–          Ecologist

–          Health and safety engineer

So, you want to be at the forefront of science?

Then come to study at the National University of Pharmacy with specialization in biotechnology.

Here you will be welcomed by highly qualified teachers and joyful student society!

Our graduates are well-known and highly estimated in various branches of science and industry.

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