Bondar Volodimir S.

Volodimir Stepanovich Bondar, Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of the Drug and Analytical Toxicology Department of the National University of Pharmacy

Address: 61168, Kharkiv, 4 Valentinivskaya st.

Telephone: (0572)-679192

Curriculum vitae

Volodimir Bondar was born on 19 August, 1941 in the village Kupyevakha, Bogodukhiv district, Kharkiv region, Ukraine. He graduated from Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (1970). He had been working as a junior researcher, senior researcher of the Kharkov Scientific-Research Institute of Drug Chemistry and Technology (1970–1984). He has been working in NUPH since 1985 as an Assistant, an Assistant Professor (1995–1998), head of the Toxicological Chemistry Department (1998–2010), since 2010 as a Professor of the Toxicological Chemistry Department. Since 2016 he is Professor of the Drug and Analytical Toxicology Department.

In 1997 he defended his doctoral thesis on “Research and improvement of support processes in the manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products.”

Honors: Gratitude from the City Mayor (2002), Honorary Diplomas: from Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine (2005), from Ministry of Education of Ukraine (2006), from National University of Pharmacy (2008, 2011, 2016), from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2010), the sign “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” (2010). For the research and development of a new antidiabetic drug “diacamph” he obtained diploma of II degree (2002) and a diploma of the winner of All-Ukrainian competition-exhibition “The Best BlightyProduct of 2006”.

Scientific school

He prepared 7 Candidates of Sciences, 7 undergraduates. He is author and co-author of over 320 scientific and educational works, 4 patents, 35 textbooks.

  1. Buryan G. O. “Chemical-toxicological research of fluoxetine” (2004).
  2. Dulytceva О. V. “Chemical-toxicological research of atenolol” (2005).
  3. Polyak O. B. “Chemical-toxicological research of loratadine” (2005).
  4. Medvedeva Yu. P. “Chemical-toxicological research of diltiazem” (2005).
  5. Bolotova O. V. «Chemical-toxicological research of ketorolac » (2005).
  6. Malinovskii Yu. Yu. “Pharmacognostic and chemical-toxicological research of hemlock spotted” (2009).
  7. Bagulya O. V. “Chemical-toxicological research of difenin” (2014).

Research activities: development and improvement of industrial production technology of drugs, destruction of the toxic emissions from chemical and pharmaceutical industries. He is a co-author of the first in CIS technology for industrial production of a number of infusion solutions, methods of processing closures, two new drugs (Altan, diacamph), techniques to create the norms of water consumption and water supply of chemical-pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine and other CIS countries, as well as the chemical-toxicological studies of different types of poisons.

Courses are taught by Doctor of sciences. Reads a course of lectures on Toxicological Chemistry and Fundamentals of Toxicology, carries out practical classes on Toxicological Chemistry, Fundamentals of Toxicology and Drug and Analytical Toxicology. Develops the lecture material for students of pharmaceutical faculty of full-time education and distance learning, as well as for students of the faculty “Technology of pharmaceuticals”.

Social activities: he is a member of the Kharkiv Regional Society of the environmental protection (1979–1984), Lecturer in atheistic work (1983–1987), Chairman of the CMC of NUPh (1998–2006), a member of the Scientific Council of National University of Pharmacy (1998–2010), a member of the Technology Committee NUPh ( 2005–2013), a member of the approbation Commission of NUPh 15.00.01 and 15.00.02, a member of the editorial committee of the journals “Ukrainian biopharmaceutical journal” and “Clinical pharmacy”, the chairman stateexam commissions in Ivano-Frankivsk medical University, Donetsk national medical University (2013, 2014), the Kiev medical University of Traditional medicine (2004, 2016), the chairman of the evaluation commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the Kherson medical college (2013), the responsible for the work of the support department on discipline “Fundamentals of Toxicology” (2010–2017).


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