Chemical and technical buildings of NUPh

In 1975, Kharkiv city executive committee decided to give a plot of land in 519th micro-district to build there a high school campus that would include educational, sports, social, cultural and residential areas. Along with others, Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (KhPhI) also started construction there. Proposals as for the construction of KhPhI campus objects were developed by the Ukrainian branch of DIPROVUZ (State Engineer and Design Higher Education Institution) in 1976 and approved by the Principal Architectural Bureau of the city. Residential area was a part of the inter-university residential area. It was planned to build four hostels for 2100 seats in this area.

In 1980, this territory became the construction site. There was built a laboratory building of Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute. In 5 years chemical building with the area of 8000 sq. m. was put into commission. Construction of the technological building (12,000 sq. m.) was completed in 1990.

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