Dear faculty and staff members, graduates, students and friends of the National University of Pharmacy!

Our higher education institution has deep historical roots and formed corporate traditions. It is associated with the names of prominent scientists, public figures, founders of the scientific schools and organizers of pharmacy business. Many achievements and discoveries were made within its walls.

On the eve of the 210th anniversary of the pharmaceutical education in Kharkiv, Museum of History of Pharmacy of Ukraine addresses you a request to contribute to the replenishment of the this treasury of the memory of the eminent personalities and interesting events in the history of pharmacy and the National University of Pharmacy. After all, every monument to the past kept by us is extremely important for the future generations.

The museum will be grateful to include to its funds and put on display photographs, documents, lecture notes and equipment which illustrates the history of pharmacy or related to its prominent figures. Captures for each donated exhibit item will include information about the donator.

We sincerely thank you for your help and welcome to the observation and thematic tours and presentations!

 Contact person:

Director of the Museum, Ph.D. in History Grygorieva Maryna Vitaliivna

Tel.: (050) 400-88-60

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