Dear graduates of the National University of Pharmacy!

I sincerely congratulate you with all the academic teaching staff on the successful completion of your studies! Diploma – is a reliable brick in the foundation of professional activity. You have acquired a prestigious, respected and requested profession.

Pharmaceutical industry – is a strategic healthcare industry of the country. For the doctor without drugs is like a warrior without weapons. And who, if not you, best of allorientate in the vast sea of drugs? Ukraine is a pharmaceutical country – we have: education, science, production of the PhD, pharmacy network, distribution, quality control system of PhD, information field. And energetic, knowledgeable professionals are in demand everywhere. Ahead of you is all your life and excellent prospects to create your own successful career.

You have studied in a beautiful and peaceful city – Kharkiv – the first capital of Ukraine, capital of the students and of pharmacy! Here is the Alma mater of entire pharmacy of Ukraine – the National University of Pharmacy.

Among the 200 best universities of Ukraine, the NUPh occupies the rightful 20th place and the 2nd place – among medical universities. This is the European level University, it is known around the world. And in 2013, in Bologna (Italy), the University joined the Magna Charta of Universities, which consists of 750 best universities of the world.

There is a joke that today’s students are people of the 21st century, and the teachers are from the 20th century. But they – your teachers – 110 Doctors of Sciences and 500 Candidates of Sciences – opened this future for you. I hope you will recollect your teachers with gratitude.

I want to address the sincere welcome and gratitude to your parents, relatives and close people who have done everything possible to give you a good education. Low bow and thank you for the good children.

We, teachers and students, are proud of our University, and the University is proud of its graduates. You are young, smart, talented and beautiful. You are the best, you have the contemporary knowledge base, quality education. You are to work in a profession for 50-60 years … I want you to remember that in the triangle “doctor – pharmacist – patient”, pharmacist plays, sometimes, a defining role. It is no secret that 70% of patients go for help directly to the pharmacy and count on your professionalism and friendly attitude. My advice to you, my young colleagues, or rather a recipe: smile, be friendly and cheerful. And people will be very grateful to you.

Carry through all your professional life the words that became the motto and philosophy of training of specialists in the NUPh: «The drugs can be touched only by an educated person». Always study – the University doors are always open for you, your children and grandchildren!

See you on the University Day – the third Saturday of May.

I heartily wish you success, health, courage, stamina, optimism and satisfaction from the business that you have chosen.

Graduates of 2014, your University believes in you!

I wish you the peace, Lord’s Blessings and bon voyage!

Rector   V.P.Chernykh

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