Dear students and graduates of the National University of Pharmacy!

At this difficult time, when mankind has faced with a coronavirus infection and is struggling with it, the National University of Pharmacy supports world-wide approaches regarding preserving the health of the nation and shares social responsibility in the pharmaceutical field.

We together live one difficult period of life, although we look at it from different sides, feel and join in different ways. But nowadays us and you are united by belonging to that field, from which so much depends – to pharmacy.

DEAR PHARMACEUTICAL COMMUNITY – GRADUATES OF NUPh! Among the representatives of pharmacy of Ukraine, you are the vast majority. Your University and, I am convinced, society is aware that you, along with doctors, are on a front line. You are the experts at the FIRST table: pharmacists-practitioners, clinical pharmacists, you are laboratory diagnosticians, industrialists and manufacturers of medicines.

 We have no doubt that you will have enough knowledge, practical skills, professional competencies, humanity and charity, that with professional dignity to answer the challenges of the time!

OUR STUDENT YOUTH! Let you nothing will prevent realize the educational goal! Your educational activities are likewise in the focus of your teachers’ attention. The University has created the conditions and opportunities of distance learning, access to library funds, IT-resources… We are convinced that the learning outcomes will be worthy!

 Dear our graduates and students! Remember: only a HEALTHY pharmacist and student are able to provide pharmaceutical assistance and receive professional pharmaceutical knowledge! Be a model of hygiene, a common social culture, demonstrate the need for observance a healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to our overall level of responsibility in compliance with quarantine requirements.

The National University of Pharmacy – ON THE SIDE OF HEALTH! NUPh is a place of strength!

Your University is with you!

Let’s be HEALTHY together! Take care of yourself and others!


Rector                                                                                                                                                       ALLA KOTVITSKA

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