Drugs that are in clinical trials

Lipovit (Lipovitum)


Lipovit is used in complex therapy for external treatment of wounds of different genesis in 2nd phase of wound process, such as: combustion, bed sores, freeze burns, dermatosis with erosions, ulcers and trophic ulcers. 

Lipophilic extract of bee pollen

Lypophillicum extractum Pollenis load

Lipophilic extract of bee pollen is used as biologically active substance in technology of medicinal forms of factory and chemist’s preparation.

Pheprogit Pheprogitum

(Coated tablets)

Pheprogit is recommended for treatment of stomatitis, angina, and also for relief of throat choke and mouth cavity.

Propomedin (Propomedinum)


It is recommended to acute inflammation of upper airways by coronaviruses etiology, for the purpose of decreasing a strictness and evacuation of the bronchus content (sputum, alveolar pyorrhea etc.), diarrhea, enteritis.


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