February 15, 2012, NUPh Scientific council sitting (12 Melnikova str., 14:00).

On Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 1400 aud. 2 (12 Melnikova str.) NUPh Scientific Council sitting.

1. DSc and PhD diplomas, professorsand associate professorscertificates awards

 Speaker: corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine professor Chernykh Valentyn Petrovych

2. Strategic plan of departments’ development: department of pharmacy-based technology of drugs, analytical chemistry, botany, pharmacognosy.

Speakers: professor Tikhonova S.O.
assoc.prof. Yevtifeeva O.A.
assoc.prof. Gontova T.M. (in English)
professor Khvorost O.P. (in English)

3. Selection on competition basis. Nomination for participation in competition for member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine title.

Speaker: first vicerector, professor Gritsenko I.S.

4. Lecture at NUPh. What should it look like? (on the example of the lecture topic “Functions of management”)

Speaker: professor Mnushko Z.M.

5. Scopus – evaluation of scientific activity of the University.

Speaker: director of the library Gavrish N.B.

6. Current issues

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