February 3, 2014, the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

Blitz messages of the administration members according to activity directions:

  • Analysis of the possibilities to use the corridor’s space of the departments to create recreation areas. Speakers: Ivanova K.A., Deand of the Faculties, aesthetic commission
  • Analysis of vocational work of the heads of Departments in January 2014 (accomplished and planned trips to the medical and pharmaceutical colleges). Plan of vocational work in colleges in January and February. Analysis of the questionnaires in schools and colleges among prospective students. Speakers: Kotvitska A.A., Zhivora N.V.
  • Work plan of administrative and economic division for 2014. State of preparation of the order on reorganization of the work of administrative and economic division. Speaker: Kantsedal L.M.
  • Presentation of the list of members and work plan of the organizing committee on preparation for the VIIIth National Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine. Speaker: Kotvitska A.A.
  • Information about educational and training classroom on practical training to get first aid skills, equipped with special dummies. (Department of Clinical Pharmacology Prof. Zaychenko G.V., Department of Pharmacotherapy Prof. Kireev I.V.)
  • Implementation of ISO standards (Gritsenko I.S., Kovalenko S.M.)

Report at each Rector’s Council meeting:

  • Monitoring and analysis of movement of students at the Faculties: elimination of academic debts of students of all courses, payment for missed classes. (Deans of theFaculties, Vinnik L.M., Prokopenko T.S., Durasova N.F.)
  • Report on the material and technical facilities of the University premises (   chief engineer Matushkin D.V., electrical supervisor Yesikov V.V., chief mechanic Martsynkevych S.O.)
  • State of fire safety in technical buildings, attics and basements (Kuznetsov V.S.)


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