In 17 February 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of Makarevich Ivan Fomich (1936 – 2011), doctor of Chemistry, professor, a recognized expert in the field of natural biologically active substances, Ukrainian scientific school leader for the study of kardiosteroids

Makarevich Ivan Fomich. 80 years from the date of birth.

Фото МакаревичMakarevich I. F. was born in 1936, in the Kozlovichy village, Vitebsk region.

In 1954, he entered the military Faculty of Pharmacy the first Moscow Institute Sechenov. Since 1958, Makarevich I. F. started to work at the Kharkov pharmaceutical institute (nowadays, it is the State science Center of Drugs) at first he was an assistant, then he was a junior research assistant (1960-1962).

Makarevich I. F. engaged in scientific work actively and in 1962, he defended his thesis on competition of a PhD in Chemistry on the topic “Obtaining and chemical study of cardiac glycosides erysimum cheiranthoides L”. In 1974, he became the head of the Laboratory research of herbal drugs.

In 1976, Makarevich I. F. defended his thesis for the degree of doctor of chemical science on the topic “Studies on cardiac glycosides” in the Institute of Organic Chemistry N.D Zelinsky, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). In 1985, he was awarded the title of professor. Since 2003, Ivan Fomich was working in the National University of Pharmacy a senior research assistant and Professor of the Department.

For almost 55 years, scientific activities Makarevich  I.F. has published about 300 scientific works in the field of chemistry of natural compounds and conformational analysis, including the monograph “Cardenolides and bufadienolides”; “Transformed cardiac glycosides and aglycones, their biological activity”, “Cardiac glycosides”. In 1997, he was awarded the First Prize of Strazhesko NAS of Ukraine for the monograph “Cardiac glycosides”. In 2009 he published (with co-authors), the first in the world 688-page reference book “Cardiac steroids.”

Makarevich I. F. has a worldwide fame in the field of chemistry cardenolides. 17 patents (6 of them – foreign) and over 50 an inventor’s certificate are belong to him.

The number of drugs are developed and introduced into production under the guidance of  Makarevich  I. F., among of them are: Kratal, Kordigit, Flakumin, Laminarid, Lanatozid, Adonizid, Venosid, Digitoxin, Digoxin, Medilazid, Kafiol, Erihrozid, Marelin, Lipophen, Propaymalin, Erikan and others.

Ivan Fomich paid the great attention to dialogue with young scientists and students. During the period of 1978-2011, fifteen PhD theses and one doctoral thesis were defended under his leadership.

Endless hard work, sense of purpose, decency and tact with regard to the people, accuracy and precision in the experiment have remained in the memory who were lucky enough to work with Makarevich. I.F.

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