In the years of independent Ukraine

In 1991 the Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (KIFh) was one of the first three higher educational institutions in the number of 900 higher educational institutions of the USSR to receive accredited status at the Union level.

In 1992, the KIFh was reorganized into the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy (UAFh).

In 1994 NUFh was accredited for the highest level IV accreditation.

In 1999 the educational institution acquired the status of the National Pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine.

In 2002 the university was reorganized into the National Pharmaceutical University (NUPh).

According to the UNESCO ranking of the 200 best universities in the state, the National Pharmaceutical University has one of the highest quality indicators of scientific and pedagogical potential – 91%. NUPh is on the 4th place among medical higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

In 2004– to the 350th anniversary of Kharkiv and in honour of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Higher Pharmaceutical School in Ukraine, the NUFh graduates’ charity fund gave the University an architectural and sculptural composition “Pharmacy in the ages,” which has no analogues either in our country, nor overseas The composition includes bronze figures of a pharmacist, Panacea, the figures of a student boy and a student girl at the background of the globe – “The Youth of Pharmacy”.

Sculptural complex “Pharmacy in the ages” (2004)

2005/2006 academic year was significant for our team and for the whole pharmaceutical community in Ukraine. The VI National Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine, the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the National Pharmaceutical University and the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the state training of pharmaceutical personnel in Ukraine were held at a high level. There was also a presentation of the first edition of the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia.

In September 2010 the NUFh traditionally hosted delegates to the VII Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine. The first day of the congress began with the opening of the NUFh Museum of Pharmacy History Museum as well as the sculptural composition “Personality of Pharmacy” (depicted by the first rector of the NUFh, M.O. Veliashko and rector of the 70’s D.P. Salo), created by sculptor O. Gurbanov.The key issue of the Congress was the adoption of the Ethics Code of Pharmaceutical Workers.

May 19-21, 2015 NUFh successfully passed the final stage of the certification audit of the Quality Management System in the international certification system DQS in accordance with the standard ISO 9001: 2008. This is a symbolic landmark – the official recognition that the NUPh works according to international standards.

The rector of the NUPh V.P. Chernyh was reffered for a position of the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. This is the first example in the field of pharmacy in academic studies in national history.

2015 is a significant year for the pharmaceutical community – we celebrated the 210th anniversary of the beginning of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine. In honour of this event, the original original brand of NFhU was issued.

The significant events of 2016 for the scientific pharmaceutical community of Ukraine were the VIIIth National Congress of Pharmacists (September 13-16) and the VIIth National Congress of Pathophysiologists of Ukraine with international participation “Pathophysiology and Pharmacy: ways of Integration” (October 5-7), have been taken place in the walls of NUFh.

A high degree of state recognition was the Diploma of the staff of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the significant contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, national education and science, and high labor achievements (no. 26604 dated September 8, 2016). The University has received the honourary title “Leader of Higher Education of Ukraine” twice at the International Specialized Exhibition “Education and Career – Student’s Day 2016 and 2017” (17-19.11.2016 and 6-8.04.2017).

2017 – the first Rector’s elections in the history of the NUFh were taken place. The University was headed by Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine A.A. Kotvitska.

On November 16, 2017 the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor Kotvitska Alla Anatoliivna was reffered for a position of the Rector of the NUFh.

2018 – NUFh proved the conformity of the quality of management system ISO 9001: 2015.

2019  – On September 20, the pharmaceutical community celebrated a professional holiday and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Pharmaceutical Worker’s Day of Ukraine.

2020 -The University has responded adequately to the challenge of the times: in conditions of the pandemic COVID-19 promptly restructured educational, scientific and production processes for work in a remote format.

For the first time the state final attestation was carried out using the MOODLE and ZOOM systems.

Nowadays  NUFh cooperates with 77 universities and research institutions in 37 countries of the world; is a member of the Charter of the European Universities, the European Association of Pharmaceutical Faculties, the International Pharmaceutical Association, the European Association of Universities, etc.

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