January 23, 2012, NUPh Rector’s Council Sitting

1.  Summary of IPHPQI work over 2011

Speaker:  prof. Piminov O.F.

2. Main aspects of developing teaching plans for 2012/2013 academic year.

Speaker:  assoc. prof. Vinnik L.M.

3.  Analysis of the experience of operation of museums in other higher educational establishments of Kharkiv andUkraine.

Speaker:  Grygorieva M.V.


– state of preparation to the conference and Vacancies fair

Speaker:  Barkovska

–  Information on preparation to the Women’s Day celebration

Speaker: assoc. prof. Tomarovska T.O..

– information on preparation to the graduation ceremony for correspondence students.

Speaker: prof. Kotvitska A.A.

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