Job and labour safety engineering department

Address: Kharkov, 4, Valentynivska Str.
Tel:  +38 (057) 68-00-24

Head of Department

Miroshnikov Vera Stepanovna

Job safety  – system of legal, socioeconomic, logistical, sanitary, hygienic, medical and prophylactic measures and actions intended for life safety, health and efficiency in the process of labor activity.

Job safety and safety engineering department – structural subdivision under the Rector’s control.

Main functions:

  • Realizes effective integral system of job safety control in the University, promotes to the activity improvement in this direction of every structural subdivision and every public individual.
  • Performs operative-methodological guidance in the field of job safety and fire safety.
  • Realizes complex actions together with structural subdivisions intended for the established safety norms compliance, labour hygiene and industrial environment.
  • Provides complex guidance for the University stuff as for the job and fire safety.
  • Controls the legislative rules keeping as for the job and fire safety, public supervision rules keeping, normative acts compliance.


  • The stuff providing with legal and normative documents
  • Working places control as for their job safety compliance with requirements.
  • The commission work dealing with accidents research, occupational diseases and breakdown in the University.
  • Statistical enterprise reporting concerning job and fire  safety.
  • Perspective and initial plans developing of the University activity as for the safe and harmless working conditions.
  • Advanced training and University stuff knowledge control in the field of labour safety.


  • Accidents and crashes inquesting
  • In the Commission Work

–           examinates the University stuff working in    highly unsafe terms.

–          working places attestation in accordance with labour conditions.

–          checking building sites  (objects reconstruction and technical  retrofitting)  as for their compliance with the requirements.

  • In the job labour fund formation and money funds distribution.
  • Guidances, instructions  and other normative documents development concerning job and fire safety in the University.

The department considers:

  • Letters, applications, work grievances concerning job and fire safety in the University.
  • Situations revealing that occur at the production sites which are unsafe for the University stuff life and health and damage the environment in case when the University workers refuse to do the assigned work.
  • Providing the subdivisions heads with notifications on procedures for the development of actions intended for job and fire safety.

The department draws up directions and instructions concerning job and fire safety.

The department collaborates with job and fire safety services of other educational establishments. The University work in this sphere is intended for the people lives preserving, fulfilling by the University stuff its  commitments, professional level rising.

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