Kateryna Shchokina

Kateryna Shchokina – Doctor of Pharmacy

Address: 67002 Kharkiv, 12, Kulikivska str.

Phone / Fax: (057) 706-30-69


Kateryna Shchokina was born in 1964 in Kharkiv. She has two higher education degrees. In 1987 she graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, majoring in thermal power engineering, and in 2002 – National Pharmacy Academy of Ukraine, majoring in general pharmacist.

In 2006 – defended PhD thesis on “Experimental justification for rational choice of modern and promising anti-inflammatory drugs”. In 2010 –  was awarded the rank of associate professor. In 2011 she defended doctoral dissertation on “Organotropic effects of recombinant interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (experimental study)” (specialty code 14.03.05 – pharmacology). In 2013, she received the title of Professor.Currently she works as a professor of the pharmacy department of NUPh, is a methodologist of the department. Teaching experience is 18 years, scientific experience – 24 years. Main scientific directions: pharmacocorrection of inflammation, immunology, prostatoprotection, cerebroprotection. She is a co-author of more than 250 scientific publications, including: 4 pharmacy textbooks, 1 monograph, 16 patents. 3 PhD thesis defended under the guidance of K. Shchokina. In 2016, she received an internship at Schiller International University (Heidelberg, Germany) in the field of “Modern teaching methods and organization of the educational process in higher education”.K. Shchokina studied at intensive courses of foreign languages ​​of the Linguistic Center of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of V. N.  Karazin National University. Graduated from Upper-Intermediate in 2012.

She is fluent in English, lectures and teaches in English for 8 years. For 20 years she held the position of the scientific secretary of the Expert Problem Commission “Pharmacy” of the Ministry of Health and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, is a member of the Academic Council in the specialty D. 64.605.03, holds the position of the deputy chairman of the probation scientific council in the specialty D. 64.605.03. She is a co-author of the following publications: Pharmacology in Diagrams and Tables: Handbook (textbook) (2000), Pharmacology in Palms: Handbook (textbook) (in Arabic) (2003), Pharmacology in Questions and Answers ( textbook) (2008), Pharmacology in the palms of the handbook (handbook – textbook) (2009), booklets “Problem Commission“ Pharmacy ”of the Ministry of Health and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (State, main activities, prospects)” (2001), “Problematic the Pharmacy Commission of the Ministry of Health and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine: Achievements and Plans (2005), monograph “Clinical and experimental substantiation of the use of superoxide dismutase in medicine (monograph)” (2004), textbook “Pharmacology – clearly (Pharmacology in tables, diagrams and figures for foreign students)” (2013), textbook
“Pharmacology to help the student, the pharmacist and the doctor”2013), as well as 2 methodical recommendations, 5 information sheets.

She is the author of 202 scientific printed works, including 108 – in journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine and 3 – in foreign journals, co-author of 16 Ukrainian patents. She has repeatedly participated in the implementation of research works.

Teaching courses:pharmacology, toxicology, side effects of drugs, theoretical bases of experiment planning, bases of medical and biological knowledge.


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