Kharkiv pharmaceutical institution during 1970-1980s

According to the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the USSR of November 2, 1972 as to “the Improvement of study and methodology work in medical institutes of higher education”, five cyclic methodological committees were created: pharmaceutical, physical and chemical, medical and biological, on social disciplines, and on Russian and foreign languages.

In 1973 KhPhI changed to the new academic curriculum that supposed the introduction of special subjects throughout 15 weeks in the tenth semester: pharmacist-organizer, pharmacist-analyst, and pharmacist-technologist.

In 1974 the Foreign Students department starts in KhPhI.

ggygiikThe number of scientific works for the one year became the record-breaking one. In 1976 the academic council of KhPhI got the right to accept doctoral theses for defense. Here the 3rd Congress of pharmaceutical chemists of Ukraine took place (1979).

The evidence of the high level of the scientific research of KhPHI is the fact that in 1977 Republic Problem Commission, which had previously functioned in Kyiv within the Institute of Advanced medical Studies, started its work here.

Study and science potential of the higher education institution is actively developing, and the material base is strengthening. In 1981 the institute was the first to change to the new academic curriculum, according to which the part of medical and biological disciplines considerably grew. In 1984 Faculty of Advanced Pharmaceutical Studies started to function within the institute.

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