Koshovyy Oleh Mykolayovych

Koshovyy Oleh Mykolayovych is a doctor of science in pharmacy, professor, a head of Department of Pharmacognosy

Address: 61168, Kharkov, Valentinovska st., 4.

Tel / Fax: (0572) 679208

Е-mail: gnosy@nuph.edu.ua, oleh.koshovyi@gmail.com




Koshovyy Oleh was born on September 19, 1981 in Kharkiv. He has graduated Kharkiv Economic High School # 161 with a silver medal in 1998. He has graduated the National University of Pharmacy (2003) with honors and Masters of the National University of Pharmacy (2004) and got the level Master of Pharmacy. In 2006 he has finished the Kharkov National University of Economics in specialty “Business Economics”. In 2007 he has defended the dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, specialty 15.00.02 “Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy”. The thesis was “Creating a new drug based on complex processing of eucalyptus leaves”. In 2013 he defended the dissertation for the degree of the doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, specialty 15.00.02 “Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy”. The thesis was “Contemporary approaches to the development of new remedies on the basis of the plants from Eucalyptus and Salvia genera”. Since 2003 he has been working at the National University of Pharmacy (Kharkov, Ukraine), first as a senior laboratory assistant, graduate student, assistant, assistant professor of the Chemistry of natural compounds department and the head of the Pharmacognosy department since October 1, 2013 till nowadays. In the period from 2008 to 2013 he has been vice-dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The main research areas of Koshovyy O. M. are development of new herbal drugs by complex processing of raw material; development of new herbal drugs by modifying herbal medicines from raw material; the creation of water-soluble forms of nanosomalic lipophilic extracts of herbal drugs; the creation of import-substituting herbal medicines from Ukraine flora plants; a study of fenetic (chemo-morphological)-ecological and taxonomic characteristics of species and genera of plants perspective for medicine; standardization of herbal drugs according to the modern requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine and the European Pharmacopoeia; identifing and research of prospective plants of Ukraine for useing in the pharmaceutical and medical practice.

As a result of Koshovyy O. M. scientific activity over 300 publications, which include 285 scientific and 26 educational and methodical ones, scientific papers, published in domestic and international peer-reviewed editions – 112, 12 of which are in journals, which are in database of Scopus, were published. He has participated in 59 scientific forums, including: VIII National Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine (Kharkiv, 2016); The International Science Conference ”Internationalization as a Challenge for Higher Education Institutions: Ukrainian and Polish Perspectives”(Krakov, Poland, 25 Octobor 2018); Sciences and Practice 2018: the 9th International Pharmaceutical Conference, dedicated to the 100th years anniversary of independent Lithuania’s pharmacy, Kaunas, Lithuania, 09th November, 2018. Kaunas, 2018; 6th International Academic Congress “Science, Education and Culture in Eurasia and Africa” (France, Paris, 2016); XVII International Academic Congress “History, Problems and Prospects of Development of Modern Civilization” (Japan, Tokyo, 25-27 January 2016). According to the results of conferences 15 articles, 110 abstracts were published.

Awards, honorary titles. Diploma of the National University of Pharmacy (2013); Diploma of the Kharkiv Regional Council (2014); KhRSA scholarship in the field of science named by Mykola Ovksentievich Valyashko (in pharmacy) (2019).

Membership in professional associations. Head of the Kharkiv Branch of the International Organization CONEM (Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine).

Teaching subjects. Pharmacognosy, Resources of medicinal herbs


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