What is “marketing”?  The word “marketing” is derived from the word “market”, therefore marketing is “work on the market”.

 Function of every enterprise in market conditions can be compared with a ship sailing in the ocean. To reach the goal, a team of professionals and competent management are necessary. Marketing specialist is an important member of the team. Owing to his recommendations, business decisions are made and questions are answered, such as: What kind of goods should be produced or sold? How can currently available goods be improved or what kinds of goods should be developed? Where, when and at what prices should they be sold? How to influence customers and provide the best sales?

To make a companyachieve success in the market, substantial marketing knowledge is required. Almost a century’s experience of foreign companies shows that marketing permits toavoid undercurrents, reefs and shallows and get maximum profit.

In developed countries the profession of marketing specialist is among the most widespread ones. For example, according to statistical data of Great Britain, the number of marketing specialists in the country is higher than the number of teachers.

Theoretical training of marketing specialists in NUPh involves complex study of economical, marketing and pharmaceutical subjects, necessary for the future work.

Marketing specialist can work:

–         For companies of pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic industry, for the companies of other branches – in marketing, advertising, distribution, supply and logistics departments, new-product planning department, commercial and analytical departments; perform functions of medical, regional, sales representative of manufacturing enterprise;

–         For the wholesale, wholesale and retail trade pharmaceutical enterprises and wholesale intermediary firms of other branches;

–         For the wholesale and retail trading companies;

–         In marketing centers  and consulting firms, conducting marketing research, marketing control, audit and analysis;

–         In advertising agencies;

–         In public relations centers (PR-agencies);

–         In higher education institutions and scientific research establishments.

Possible primary positions:

–         Marketing development specialist;

–         Marketing, sales and logistics consultant;

–         Medical, regional, sales representative of pharmaceutical companies;

–         Merchandise market research analyst (marketing research and system analysis);

–         Sales manager;

–         Advertising manager;

–         PR-manager;

–         Logistics manager;

–         Research fellow in scientific research establishments;

–         Lecturer of higher education institution.

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