May 18, 2013, Jubilee meetings of the NUPh alumni

On May 18 at the National University of Pharmacy the Jubilee meeting of alumni was held. Former students who received diplomas in the years 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988 and 1983, and the “youngest” graduates, 2008 graduates, met to recall studentship. Many of yesterday’s NUPh students has become self-sufficient professionals who have put into practice knowledge gained at the student’s desk in the field of pharmacy and medicine, economics and management, and other fields.

 18.05.2013 Встреча выпусников НФаУ 25  More than 300 alumni from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries  left for a while their businesses and came to meet their favorite teachers, deans, university administration – those people who made ​​the biggest impact on their professional development. And also – to meet former course mates, turn over, albeit in their minds, a few pages of life inversely, plunge into unforgettable atmosphere of student years.

 18.05.2013 Встреча выпусников НФаУ 30 Opening official part of the meeting, first vice-rector of the NUPh, professor I.S. Gritsenko noted: “Our graduates – our pride. You are masters of your craft, generation that has to raise the pharmacy to a decent level. And on behalf of the NUPh Rector, professor V.P. Chernykh, who is currently on a business trip, and on behalf of all the teaching staff I wish you inspiration, prosperity and health”.

Former students were welcomed by former and current deans: Chueshov V.I., Gridasov V.I., Vinnik L.M., Bashura O.G., Vishnevskaya L.I., Naboka O.I., Krutskikh T.V., Maliy V.V. The warm words from alumni were said in return. They together recalled the brightest pages of student life.

Graduates of 1983 are the graduates who laid the foundation of Chemical and technological academic building and hostel №3. In addition to the diploma of pharmacist, they learnt the trades of house painter and plasterer. Due to harmonious team work, they learnt to live in any environment and achieve success. Students of this course made lot of doctors and Candidates of Sciences, plant directors, heads of pharmacies, officers of branch ministries of the former USSR.

 18.05.2013 Встреча выпусников НФаУ 21 Graduates of 1988 is the most “woman’s” course, because after the first year boys were drafted into the army. Their studies also began with building. Graduates recall that the course was very united, they supported each other in studies and work. In the course studied many students who later became teachers of our and medical universities.

18.05.2013 Встреча выпусников НФаУ 22  Graduates of 1993 with twenty years’ “experience” recall the work in construction team that worked on the construction of dormitories №№ 3,4 and Technological building – work by day, studies in the evening … very memorable was arrangement of hostel №3: the beds and wardrobes were carried up to the 9th floor without elevator … First scholarship – 60 rubles, this is enhanced scholarship… A travel card at 6 rubles for all kinds of transport … Sank in the mind Physical Training lessons t the ski center in Forest Park … At the 2nd course were introduced the written exams. State exams in Analytical and Organic Chemistry were a great surprise … They well remember the young assistant teachers Popov S.B., Zupanets I.A. and others … Third course, “the Equator”. Practical training in Pharmacognosy, particularly in Lubny, state farm of VILAR institute… And here comes the 4th and the 5th year – time for weddings.

Graduates of 1998 can hardly forget the laboratory work in the first semester of the 1st course – in Physiology “Getting of muscular system from frog’s leg” with teacher, associate professor Volkov V.A. … Lecture in Biochemistry: Krebs cycle, the size of the whole blackboard, read the head of Department, professor Voronina L.M.

18.05.2013 Встреча выпусников НФаУ 23  Graduates of 2003 will not forget that they were admitted to UkrainianPharmaceuticalAcademy in 1998, studied at the National Pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine, and graduated in 2003 from National University of Pharmacy … They participated in the reconstruction of the building in 27 Pushkinskaya str. … For the first time the practice of paid work offs of missed classes was introduced … This course (the only one!) was ranked first among the other departments on the results of licensed examination KROK-1 … The course had the first and the only traveling KVN team “Play hormone!”, participant of the league of KVN Association of Ukraine, Inter-league and Open Kiev league.

18.05.2013 Встреча выпусников НФаУ 24 For the graduates of 2008, THE MOST NUMEROUS in the history of the NUPh, student years are marked with the opening of memorial arrangement “Pharmacy in centuries” … During their studies resumed its work the students’ self-government body – Students’ Parliament.

18.05.2013 Встреча выпусников НФаУ 34  During the Jubilee meeting of graduates this year was started a new tradition – founded walkway of alumni. Jubilee-graduates planted in the NUPh botanical garden Magnolia × soulangeana.

Upon completion of the official part the former students had an opportunity to see the exhibition of the Museum of History of Pharmacy of Ukraine, visit the Temple of the Great Valentine Interamsky, favorite Departments, lecture halls and university buildings.

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