October 20, 2014, the NUPh Rector’s Council meeting

On the agenda

  1. Analysis of issues on scientific activities from the previous years’ plans that haven’t been implemented. Draft Development Concept of the NUPh scientific base. Effectiveness of the laboratories.

Speaker: Vice-Rector for scientific work Prof. Kovalenko S.M.

  1. Work of the Hostel Household Councils, meeting schedules, information support on the NUPh website. Regulations on the competition “The best hostel.”

Speaker: Vice-Rector for EPW (educational work) Ivanova K.A.

  1. Development of physical culture: information on the introduction of morning exercises in the hostels and assignment of responsible persons among students.

Speakers: Head of the Department of Health and Physical Training Arkusha A.O., Deans of the Faculties

  1. Participation of foreign communities in the educational work. Activity of the curators of pre-university training groups and hostel rooms supervisors.

Speakers: Dean Goriachyi V.D., Deputy Dean Kovalenko Z.I.

  1. Information on the introduction of ranking: students, teachers and Departments.

Speaker: First Vice-Rector Kotvitska A.A.

  1. Activity of the NUPh museum. Creation of the booklet “Development of the NUPh facilities.”

Speaker: Museum Director Grygorieva M.V.

  1. Publication plan for career guidance articles in regional and local mass media. Speakers: Deans of the Faculties.

Questions under regular monitoring:

State of preparation of the academic buildings and hostels for the autumn-winter season.

Speakers: Electrical supervisor Yesikov V.V., Chief mechanic Martsinevich S.O.

Schedule of visits to the Departments by Vice-Rectors and Deans of Faculties.

Speakers: First Vice-Rector Kotvitska A.A.

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