On 19th of March of 2013 in Kharkov the ІІnd Scientific Practical Conference «Commodity Research Aspects of Consumer Goods» took place

Organizers – teaching staff of the NUPh Department of Commodity Science – invited colleagues from the vocationally oriented pharmaceutical institutions of Ukraine to participate in the discussion of the theoretical and practical aspects of modern approaches to the implementation of new technologies in packaging. New developments of composition and technology of medicines and parapharmaceutical products were also presented during the event.

19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 1Highly topical program of the conference included informative and interesting reports by experts of the National University of Pharmacy, Kharkov Trade and Economic Institute, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University, Lugansk Medical University, Crimea State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky, Vinnitsa National Medical University named after N.I.Pirogov, LLC PE “Ekoniya”, Pharmaceutical Research Center “Alliance beauty” (Kyiv), PE “Euro Plus”, LLC “Astra-Life” and others.

Opening the conference, D.Sc. in Pharmacy, professor, head of Commodity Science Department, Inna Baranova said:

– Development of commodity science in general and in pharmacy in particular is so swift that without special knowledge, understanding of particularities of this science, you have nothing to do in the pharmacy.

19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 8Selection of the topics discussed during the event was dictated by current European integration processes that takes place in Ukraine, by rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and, unfortunately, not always responsible approach of individual producers to their activities.

Thus, D.Sc. in Pharmacy Almakayeva L.G. paid attention to the technological processes of manufacture of parenteral medicines, primary and secondary packaging of medicines. To problematic aspects of packaging and labeling of medicinal plants devoted her speech CSc in Pharmacy, associate professor of Pharmacognosy Department of the NUPh Krasnikova T.O. Detailed description of classifications and requirements for the application of disinfectants in pharmacy presented leading specialist of “Astra-Life” Rybalko V.Yu. In his report colleague from VinnitsaNationalMedicalUniversity named after N.I.Pirogov – Ivko T.I, drew attention to the need to improve merchandizing analysis of acceptance of goods at pharmacy.

19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 2Great interest caused the report of the President of LLC PF “Ekoniya” Varahash I.I. on manufacturing and quality control of drinking water in their enterprise.

D.Sc. in Pharmacy, professor Demyanenko V.G. and postgraduate student of Commodity Science Department Proskochilo A.V. drew attention of the participants to the features of classification and terminology in the field of pharmaceutical and health commodity and the need to increase the minimum assortment at the pharmacy.

D.Sc. in Pharmacy, associate professor Baranova I.I. focused the attention on the analysis of the features of so-called “natural” cosmetics marking – a small segment of the total market of cosmetics that is growing very quickly now. Chief Technologist of pharmaceutical research center “Alliance beauty” (Kyiv) in her speech defined the main requirements of modern packaging and labeling of cosmetics in Ukraine

19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 3CSc in Pharmacy, associate professor of Commodity Science Department Kovalenko S.M. devoted her report to the issue of introduction of labeling in Braille in domestic enterprises.

The conference finished with traditional session of Commodity Science Department of the National University of Pharmacy, as a core academic discipline “Medical and pharmaceutical commodity” of the higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Important and acute issues that were raised in the reports caused sincere response of the audience. Each topic was vividly discussed and plenary session once again became a great platform for dialogue between colleagues and sharing experiences.

19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 4 19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 7 19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 6 19.03.2013 Товарознавчі аспекти споживчих товарів 5


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