On April 20, 2012 official delegation of the National University of Pharmacy visited Basic Medical College in Cherkassy city with the aim of vocational guidance.

Members of NUPh delegation:
– prof. Valentin Chernykh, Rector of the University;
– prof. Alla Kotvitska, Vice-rector for scientific and educational works (multicycled pharmaceutical education);
– assoc. prof.  Stanislav Pogorelov, Executive Secretary of Admission Committee;
– assoc. prof. Tina Prokopenko, Director of NUPh College;
– assoc. prof. Vitaliy Vlasov, Director of NUPh Computer Centre

Rector Valentin Chernykh gave a lecture «Focus on patient»

Members of receiving part:
– Brozhik Vladimir Leonidovich, Head of Senior Management of Health Care , Cherkassy Regional State Administration
– Borisenko  Oleg Valentinovich, General Director of Private Limited commercial enterprise “PHARMACY”
– Gubenko Inna Yakivna, Director of Cherkassy Basic Medical College

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