On January 25, on the day of St. Tatiana the parade of nerds took place

On January 25, on the day of St. Tatiana – the patroness of all students -THE PARADE OF NERDS took place. This first and unique event which marks the beginning of a new city tradition was held in the renovated GorkyPark.

The celebration was attended by 16 higher educational institutions of our city. Each higher educational institution showed its best, intelligent and distinguished nerds. Celebration took place in a comic manner, but with elements of competition. Nerds from each higher educational institution presented their teams and congratulated all the students on the occasion.

In nomination “For the best presentation” won the nerds from the Academy of culture. The fans were also judged and V.N. Karazin University students became the winners.

Quite an impressive sight represented the improvised “Fight with incompletes”: from each university was selected one nerd and one fan, “the incompletes” were “hung” on the fans and after the command “Start!“ nerds had to tear off as many “incompletes” as possible. The best in the “Fight with incompletes” were students of our Alma mater. I express my congratulations to all nerds and all the students of the National University of Pharmacy. Slack and swag for you!

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