On July, 12-14, 2012, our university accepted the students of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

On July, 12, 2012, the delegation fromLithuaniawas accepted by rector of the National University of Pharmacy, professor Chernykh Valentyn Petrovych. After that the students and heads of practical training were acquainted with Kharkiv, had an excursion tour, were told the history of our city and were shown renowned sights.

After lunch students fromLithuaniavisited the Department of Clinical Pharmacology with Pharmaceutical Care and Clinical-diagnostic centre of NUPh, located on 27 Pushkinskaya str. There they were told about special features of Clinical Pharmacy teaching and acquainted with mainstream of Clinical-diagnostic centre of NUPh work.

On July,13 inthe morning the guests visited the university building, located on 4 Blukhera str., where by vice-rector of scientific-pedagogical (educational) work prof. Ivanova Karina Andreevnathere was conducted an excursion about theUniversityMuseum. Guests became familiar with the building, visited the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and State Research Scientific lab in the quality control of medicine. Then the introductory excursion was conducted in the drugstore “Leda”, where they were shown the Manufacturing Department of the ex-temporal receipt medications.

While being in our sity students fromLithuaniavisited Pharmacopeia center, where they were told about the structure of Pharmacopoeia inUkraineand shown an equipment for the pharmacopeia analysis.

On July, 14 the guests left with unforgettable impressions about our city, university and people.

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